Why Millennials Prefer Online Casinos Over Land Based Casino

Updated on: October 28, 2019

On May 25, 2016, in a discussion at East Coast Gaming Congress, one of the topics was “Why this generation of casino visitors are shying away from gambling and how the casinos should respond?” There are many reasons why millennials are not that interested in gambling, especially land-based casinos. For one, the youngest of the millennials have not yet reached the age for gambling that is 21 years, but if we are talking about millennials in the age group of 21-35, even then there is little gambling going on. This is one of the many reasons, another one would be the world going cashless and therefore, the cash is not readily available.

One way to tackle this problem of millennials shying away from traditional gambling is to advance alongside technology. Millennials spend most of the time on their smartphone, online and so, online gambling is the future. It can also bypass the problem of cash with online payment gateways. Also, online gambling can be made available in the countries where gambling is illegal for the most part, for example, there are online casino providers available in India, where gambling institutions are illegal throughout the country.

Interest for Creative Gaming

If we talk about why millennials go to land based casinos? Then their prime reason to pay a visit to the casino is to party rather than gambling. These individuals, most of them, are still studying, probably advancing to a higher degree, some are moving to get a job and some of them are still living with their parents and most of these individuals live nowhere near a land-based casino.

Also, at this age, the need for savings has not sunk in yet and as soon as they get a little extra cash available, they like to spend it on recreation. Moreover, there is an explosion of smartphones and high-speed internet in the era of millennials, people in their twenties and thirties spend most of their time playing games online. As a result, online casino software providers are one step ahead of Las Vegas Providers, apparently.

Many people still argue that all this possibly can’t affect traditional casinos because they have entirely different kind of experience to offer that these software games cannot deliver. Still, the younger generation is not really attracted to casino floors other than partying. One thing that need to be made clear is that this generation has lived a life where everything has been available at fingertips, thanks to the internet and thousands of start-ups that made connectivity better. So, it’s about accessibility and not really about the different kinds of experience these online & offline casinos deliver.

Millennial online Gaming

Generation Impact

This generation is accustomed to technology. In an era where people can shop at their couches and work from home, finding a casino and leaving their comfort zone is really outdated. Millennials today are jumping from laptops to smartphones to plantations. A generation that aged alongside technological advancements is working, playing and socializing at the same time, no wonder they choose online gambling over traditional ones.

The generations can be defined by trends and in this generation, the internet is the trend and everything is moving online. A shopping app on the phone is better than a busy market, a tutorial video online is better than attending classes and online games are better than gaming parlours. They like getting almost everything being brought to them or readily available and that makes going to premises what they could do anywhere is anti-technology.

Social Engagement

There are more reasons that make gambling less interesting as a whole. The millennials today prefer skill-based games rather than pure chance and even though it seems like technology has made their lives less busy because they have everything brought to them but the opposite is true, lifestyle today is busier than ever. One thing that traditional game parlours and casinos cannot provide are sourcing any game in an instant. Online, people can source any game whenever they feel like it. Another thing that makes online gaming a hot topic is sociability and slot-games has been a hot topic in the industry.

Unlike traditional slot games, online slot games can include many features, game like elements, and also make it multi player which makes it a social game in the least. Apart from all that, this is the time in most of the millennials’ lives where they are entering probably the most important years of their lives, career wise and otherwise. Most of them are either in schools, getting advanced degrees, planning out their careers, struggling in the market or starting a family, and that leaves a very small number of millennials for gambling and even among those, most prefer online games. In the hectic lifestyle of their, they turn to their smartphones for a little laugh and games, instead of going to casinos. And that is why online slots are the hot topic because it’s the game they can play without spending too much of their already exhausted brain, while the kid is sleeping or when they are returning from work.

Traditional casinos have lost their temptations because they are not readily available. This doesn’t mean that traditional casinos are obsolete or going to be; people still fancy going to traditional casinos but they can’t every time, what they can do every time is a gamble on their phones.

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