Seven Reasons for Playing Video Games in year 2017

Updated on: May 19, 2017

The video game industry has been making maximum profits following research studies indicating that most Americans play video games. It is approximated that 99% of teenagers in the United States of America enjoy playing video games. Further reports suggest that 97% of them spend at least one hour playing video games. Video games have become a prominent element of the culture. While media houses continue to highlight the dangers of playing video games, here are seven reasons why you should play video games:

Video Games 2017

Producing Better Surgeons

While an individual may think that being a surgeon entirely depends on how studious one is, recent medical research indicates that video games have a positive impact on the human brain. The study of laparoscopic also known as small incision stated that frequent video game players made minor errors of 32% in practice procedures compared to those who hardly played video games.


Promotes Physical Being

From Just Dance to Fit and Guitar Hero, physical functionality is another reason why you should play video games. Unlike in the first-generation technology when computers were invented and the games involved a lot of sitting, the current video games include a lot of dancing and shifting of the hands and head. Although some technology may seem like an entry point for new users, the player's physical ability to play has improved over time. Aside from being active while playing, a player can assume video game characters by playing away from home.

Physical Games

Overcoming Dyslexia

Dyslexia is the inability to read. Some studies indicate that attention difficulties cause this condition. Other studies have suggested that dyslexics reading habits improved in sessions of intense games like video games. The reasons the researchers cited is that video games offer different environments with different intense energy for intense focus.


Improved Vision

Most parents insist on not sitting close to the television because the screen resolution can cause eye defects. Unlike the parent's common belief, scientists have made a discovery concerning the improvement of vision by playing video games. In a different study on the same subject, it was established that ten weeks of playing video games increased the visual ability of an individual. Another study indicated that people who played video games had a higher ability to discern colours.

Improved Vision

Career Boost

Some video games encourage leadership traits depending on the genres. A clearer breakdown includes being able to provide for communities by securing safety. According to research studies by scientists, players tend to show a correlation motivation in the real world by assuming the characters of the video game puppets. Improvising in video games may mean an individual is self-driven at work.

Boost Your Job

Promotes Creativity

Creativity has benefits in life. Some video games like the military, as well as shooting games, require an individual to get through the shooting zone safely. This calls for creativity because, without a plan, an individual will get shot. It is vital for the participant to come up with an escape plan in a bid to avoid the bad guys. Such creativity can be executed in life's tough situations. Through the creative video games, an individual can establish plans on how to overcome stressful situations.


Improves Memory

Brain memory solely depends on how creative and active the brain is. While some people depend on puzzles and Sudoku for brain activity and sharp memory, video games have a significant impact on memory. This is because video games require the player to remember the previous plans as executed in the same games or different related games. With time, the player will be required to remember how they dodged a bullet or escaped terrorists. In the process, brain memory is improved.

Memory Improve

There is no denying that video games have more positive than negative impacts on life. If you are still wondering why you should play video games, the reasons stated above should suffice. Video games have a modern way of keeping the players active both mentally and physically. With time, scientists have discovered that video games have more health benefits than the conventional belief of unhealthy side effects. From critical thinking to better skills in decision making, video games have a way of assisting people in real life situations.

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Video Games 2017
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