Is newTumbl Shut Down Permanently? What Are Alternatives to newTumbl?

Updated on: September 26, 2023

If you are curious about whether newTumbl shut down permanently or not, then you are in the right place. This article will inform you what happened to newTumbl and the alternative to it that you can run to. There is only one message left on their website and on their X handle stating as follows:

It's been a blast.
Thanks for your patronage.
We hope you enjoyed your time at newTumbl.

The newTumbl social media was an alternative to Tumblr's adult content ban. It was a social platform that provided an intuitive and natural experience for sharing, exploring, curating, and sharing any kind of content. It was created in early 2019 and provided a platform for people of all walks to express themselves according to the way they wanted.
newTumbl considered themselves as the best option to offer ‘asylum’ to anyone who felt persecuted for wanting to express themselves with freedom in the manner they would find fit.

Is newTumbl Shut Down Permanently?

The last official message from newTumbl indicated that the social media shut down permanently and exited the market. The reasons for its shutdown were not officially communicated but speculations indicated that they could keep up with the competition, especially from NSFW-related giants.

The announcement on June 7, 2023, on the newTumbl X (formerly Twitter) page shocked the majority of its users. The announcement confirmed they were indeed out of the market and left only a message on their official website. This left many wondering why it happened without a notice, warning, or a sign that things would change.

What Are Alternatives to newTumbl?

Since newTumbl is no longer here with us, it would be good to get something close to it. If you are looking for an almost-same-experience social media, you can check out the following newTumbl alternatives:

  1. TinyPic
  2. Reddit
  3. UltraIMG
  4. Imgur
  5. iFunny

1] PhotoBucket

newTumbl Shut Down Permanently

PhotoBucket is a social platform developed by Photo Bucket where its users can share photos and videos. This platform allows users to upload items using URLs or direct image and video uploads. There are various categories to select from and you can brown pictures using the treasure chest.


  • You are able to share videos and pictures
  • Fast and easy way to upload media
  • There are a lot of categories to browse
  • You can access the site without registering an account.


  • Limited file size
  • There could be privacy and copyright issues.
  • It depends on external links.

2] Reddit

What Are Alternatives to newTumbl?

Reddit is one of the most visited sites in the world and an alternative to newTumbl after it shut down. There are a lot of things to browse and share. One can select one from thousands of subs which are categorized according to the niches and age. You will even find Subreddits that cover adult topics, tech, social, etc. Once you register, you can share plain content, pictures, or videos. Some key features of Reddit are inline image view, advanced publications, and RES dashboard.


  • You get daily updates
  • Numerous niches to explore
  • Has advanced bot moderations and regulations
  • Good for anyone


  • It can be intimidating for new users
  • Some moderators can instill strict posting restrictions for some subreddits

3] UltraIMG

What Are Alternatives to newTumbl?

This is a free platform that allows users to share as many pictures as possible without worrying about memory limitations. After newTumbl shut down, this became a possible alternative. The site allows you to upload pictures in private mode and even to shorten the URL. It also has a feature to resize pictures automatically. You can upload nearly any image format such as JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, etc.


  • You can use UltraIMG without registering
  • It has a great picture organization
  • No storage limitations for its users
  • Easy way to upload and share pictures


  • You can only upload photos of up to 10 MB.
  • It's not available in all countries.

4] Imgur

What Are Alternatives to newTumbl?

Imgur is one of the most popular video and image-sharing platforms and one of the alternatives to newTumbl. Many users like this site because of its hilarious memes, and funny images and videos. You will find the viral and trending images and memes that will make your day. Below are the Imgur pros and cons,


  • It has numerous categories to choose from
  • It has trending images
  • It is easy to use for beginners
  • You can access its content before signing up


  • The free version has ads that might not be good for some users
  • Could be better with more categories

5] iFunny

What Are Alternatives to newTumbl?

iFunny is one of the most used social media, with over 10 million users, and is a great alternative to newTumbl after it shut down permanently. Just like some other social sites, the content here is user-generated and can be categorized into videos, images, and GIFs. If you are looking for somewhere to laugh and have a hilarious day, then iFunny is one of the best options. To make things even better, you can download the app from the Google Play Store for Android users and from the App Store for iOS users.


  • Available across devices
  • You get daily updates
  • The majority of the users are generally happy
  • Users have the freedom to upload media varieties.


  • There could be instances of copyright and privacy issues
  • Could be better with more categories.

The newTumbl shut down permanently. Luckily, you can choose from several other similar social media platforms. We hope you find the one that fits your needs and freedom.

Why was newTumbl terminated?

The reasons why the newTumbl was shut down are not yet known. There was no official communication as to why they exited the market. However, speculations indicated that newTumbl left the market because they couldn't beat the competition from the industry giants.

Will newTumbl come back again?

We can't authoritatively say whether newTumbl will come back or not. However, we would think that it will not come back because their last official communication indicated that they exited the market completely. However, it's a wait-and-see. Meanwhile, you can use the alternatives to newTumbl. Let us know if you know any other alternatives for newTumbl.

Is newTumbl Shut Down Permanently? What Are Alternatives to newTumbl?
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