Creating Multiple Twitter Accounts Using A Single Email ID

Updated on: October 28, 2019
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The title may look fascinating to you, but after following some really simple tricks you can create and use multiple Twitter accounts using a single mail id. This trick is exclusively invented by blogsaays Team. To make all this thing working, you will need only one gmail account. No other email  services except gmail can be used, as this trick is dependent on a gmail bug. So lets get started.

In our demonstration, we are going to show how we have created two twitter accounts killer1990 and killer1991 using an ID [email protected]. Before going  further just have a look on our recent post in which we have posted about Gmail Dot(.) trick. By using this trick you can log into a gmail account in multiple ways. You just need to put a dot anywhere between username letters. For example if you want to use this trick with [email protected], you can write usernames as follows.

You can try out different combinations with same email id and using the same password you will be able to access gmail with these different usernames. Google treats all of the above usernames equally.


Procedure for creating two twitter accounts  using the same ID.

1. First go to and fill the signup data using the original gmail id.

2. Now on next page you will be asked to fill email id and username. For demonstration purposes, we have filled the form with email: [email protected] and username: killer1990.

3. After you will be asked to confirm your account using a confirmation mail sent on your ID, so just log into your mailbox and confirm it. Now we are done with our Twitter account killer1990.

4. Follow the same procedure for creating second account but this time replace email id with [email protected] and username: killer1991 but with a different password.

5.Again you will be asked for confirmation, so log into our original mailbox to follow the confirmation mail for second twitter account.

By following the same procedures you can create such multiple twitter accounts using the same Gmail id.


Snapshots for the demonstration:

Twitter signup form


Filling the form for twitter account killer1990


Confirmation email received for account killer7490



Filling the form for twitter account killer1991


Confirmation email received for account killer7491


You can check both accounts working by visiting  following links.

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  1. Great Tip but you would have to verify each Gmail Address also . I would have created some email addresses using cpanel [email protected] then use hootsuite or something like that to manage each account.

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