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Updated on: March 14, 2019

Conference refers as a convention in the sense of a meeting, by which individuals are gathered together, will meet at an arranged place and time in order to discuss or engage in some common interest. Usually, the most common conventions are based upon industry, profession, and fandom. With the help of a different kind of conference, an individual is allowed to learn, to experience to expose to a bigger opportunity.

It can help a person to boost their confidence, to be inspired, motivate themselves and have the courage to try in their perspective field. People who really love to attend a conference can have a great time listening to different speakers, and experts from around the world. It can change perceptions and principles by someone instantly by attending a conference with different agenda’s.

Importance of Blockchain Technology Conferences

With the continuous arising of cryptocurrencies and the increasing adoption of blockchain technology, there is always been a variety which has managed to sin off. One such industry is that the meetings and conferences related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Wherein participants can gain a lot of knowledge that can help them also to grow in the field. These conferences often are quite expensive to afford and to attend by everyone. These can be also great implications for the better future of the world.

Conference about cryptocurrencies, blockchain is a type of events that are of huge importance when it comes to meeting new people in the industry. A lot of people are expected to attend so the value of attending a blockchain based conference is heightened even more since the industry is new. It is not only for the people who knows Blockchain but it is also for the one who is looking for work, passionate about the field, or thinking of running own projects. People can all benefit from attending the year’s big blockchain events.

CoinAdvice is a leading conference and event organizer which specializes in professional high-level business conferences with a special focus on blockchain and cryptocurrency domain. Their network of domestic and international partners provides prompt solutions for any company’s networking requirements. They also prevail to advocate for the secure and responsible integration of blockchain and digital assets into mainstream life. They have the primary goal, to help the crypto community in growing and to help the participants in understanding the basics and also to share research will experiences enthusiasts.

1. How was the CoinAdvice Blockchain Conference

There are a lot of delegates from other countries that are present during the conference.

Everyone is aiming to learn knowledge that they can also use for their own network. Attributes to expand their skills and contribute to the enhancement of the status of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in the world. There are many Speakers and Experts to the conference that are expected to give a proof of success. A great future that everybody is picturing after the event. The conference organizer makes sure that the money of participants is going to be worth it, from the activities they prepare and from their chosen speakers.

People can smell the enjoyment of the conference.

This is a big factor for the Guest and Speakers to have a fun space at the same time learning by engaging to others. Conference of blockchain is not only about listening to the speaker but it is also about socializing to other participants, sharing thoughts and ideas as well.

A group with VIP’s, Panelists and esteemed speakers are present.

It has been an honor for the people who attend the conference to join them and have a good interaction. It is always a good opportunity and a privilege to have the chance to meet them. I had great interaction with speakers like MR. NARINRIT of who is building blockchain application in farming industry to revolutionalize traditional farming with the help of blockchain and AI technology. This is really helpful for farmers & end consumers to get best out the trading and have some organic food delivery.  You can find below interview for more insightful things.

Idea Exchange and Interaction

Day 2, as the usual cycle of the conference is already on the occasion, the Speakers and networking have been great so far. It is such a big factor to those who attend the conference, as they grow individually with the help of the experts by giving them a great speech. Every speaker aims to inspire participants by giving them different values from their experiences and learnings.

CoindAdvice would like to show immense gratitude to all Speakers and delegates for making the event successful. To have a great kind of event is very helpful to each participant in the conference. Everyone is giving their gratitude for the conference. They are just very happy for another milestone they had and another achievement they get in attending the conference.

The event was a wide ocean for different opportunities awaits for each and everyone who participated. It is always a blast to present and share about SOMEE’s mission and the future of Blockchain, a wrap for CoinAdvice.

2. What is the knowledge in Blockchain is shared?

  • Sharing in a conference is a great opportunity, to be able to understand other terms of success and failure. To gain more knowledge by a simple conversation, interaction with the other participants. The event was also a good opportunity to hear news like CoinAdvice.

  • One of the most important discussions is about Regulatory Journey for Cryptocurrency market so far and SEEDEX Exchange.

  • Speakers aim to share a lot of things about Blockchain to the participants of the event. They allow them to interact with them and able to ask them a question, through this, it can help people to absorb more about a particular topic.

3. How speaker interacted during Panel discussion?

  • It's always a pleasure to share what will be the trust of the future in the Digital world. as the mission of the event, to tackle the newest technology that can probably help the people in the future.

  • Trustunion, give the audience their brief presentation and meeting with the SEEDEX team.

  • Speakers give a valuable speech specifically Mr. Nasharuddin Mohamad President CEO at Kitpay Fintech on Kitpay in the opening ceremony of CoinAdvice, Blockchain Conference.

  • A great presentation from Giovanni Dinoto at CoinAdvice event. From vertical management to a horizontal distributed management platform. Also, a valuable keynote address.

  • Columnists at Forbes delivers a keynotes address as well.

4. What are the future of blockchain product and cryptocurrencies?

  • There are different implications that can be done by the participants. The speech of various speakers serves as the reason for it. There will be an enhancement or innovation to the techniques, strategies, and process in a cryptocurrencies wallet and many more. The event gives an assurance to improve the status of Blockchain in the future. Blockchain Education and building developer community is really important for the expansion of Blockchain products.

  • It targeted the presentation of Mr. Giovanni Dinoto which is the vertical management to become horizontal management in the near future. It will lead to a better cryptocurrency wallet, a new challenge of the century.

  • I had some word with Mr. Sebastian D who is the founder of crypto exchange and which is Blockchain incubator program.

Networking sessions help many Businesses to have some great Deals

  • Having a well-established network is a big factor and it is really important to encourage other people to trust your network. The easiest thing you can do to build a network is to start it with the people that you know. Building a great connection to the people can help your business to have greater opportunity than before, and to build a better future.

  • Networking can be a way to have a connection to a different participant at the conference. Networking is not only listening to one’s idea but it is also sharing thoughts and ideas, collecting important things from other people that may help to open bigger opportunity. Building your own network is a big challenge but it is always worth it, as you can have the chance to meet experts, to have some exposure and most especially to connect with the world

CoinAdvice Blockchain Conference Team
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