Krapopolis: World's First Animated Comedy Show Curated on Blockchain

Updated on: December 1, 2022

Krapopolis is an upcoming adult animated comedy from the co-creator of "Rick and Morty" Dan Harmon. Its first season premieres on FOX in May 2023. The creators have confirmed the season 2 of Krapopolis in October 2022, months before its first season airs. They have set the plot and characters of Krapopolis in mythical ancient Greece. The main characters of Krapopolis are mostly fictional. The recurring and guest characters are from Greek mythology. Krapopolis is about the misadventures of a family of humans, gods, and demons trying to run the first-ever city-state. While there is a core storyline made by the creators of this show, many of its elements, characters, and plot twists will be curated & decided by the fans using blockchain, NFTs, and on-chain voting. Some of the lucky fans owning rare NFTs will even get characters written for them!

Who are the lead characters in Krapopolis?

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These are the lead characters in Krapopolis:

1) Tyrannis

Tyrannis is a young human king and the main character of Krapopolis. He is trying to be benevolent and coordinate everything well. The actor Richard Ayoade does the voice of Tyrannis.

2) Shlub

Shlub is the father of Tyrannis. He is a half-centaur and half-manticore, making him a "mantitaur". He thinks of himself as an artist and has never paid for anything in his life. Actor Matt Berry lends his voice for the character of Shlub.

3) Deliria

Deliria is the mother of Tyrannis. She is an alcoholic goddess known for her acts of self-destruction and questionable choices. Actor Hannah Waddingham is the voice of Deliria.

4) Stupendous

Stupendous is the half-sister of Tyrannis, and the daughter of Deliria and a cyclops. She is a strong and powerful warrior, but she does not have the matching smarts. Actor Pam Murphy voices Stupendous.

5) Hippocampus

Hippocampus is the half-brother of Tyrannis, and the son of Shlub and a mermaid. He is a hybrid fish human and loves the power of science, but not so clear about ethics. Actor Duncan Trussell plays the voice of Hippocampus.

What are Krap Chickens and how many of them exist? What is the inaugural NFT collection from Krapopolis?

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Krapopolis being a show curated on blockchain, it will feature many NFT collections that fans can own or trade. The first or inaugural NFT collection from Krapopolis is the Krap Chickens. There are 10,420 unique Krap Chickens in this NFT collection. Every Krap Chicken has a unique set of attributes, and the creators of the show have use generative art to create them. Although it is possible to create millions of unique Krap Chickens, there will only ever be 10,420 of them.

Many of them are special and we will see them on the show Krapopolis. This will make their value greater than others. There is a dedicated NFT marketplace for Krapopolis, but you can also trade your NFTs on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea or Rarible. Every Krap Chicken NFT is an ERC-721 token which is the NFT standard, requires paying ETH gas fees, and is initially priced at 0.18 ETH. You need a Web3 crypto-wallet like Metamask to own and trade Krap Chickens. Every Krap Chicken is also like an exclusive ticket for its owners / collector to access hidden scenes and perks like voting on certain aspects of the show.

How to setup wallet for Krapopolis? How to buy Krapopolis NFTs?

These are the simple steps to setup your Web3 crypto wallet and buy NFTs from Krapopolis.

  1. Install the Metamask extension on your browser.
  2. Click on the "Create a new wallet" option.
  3. Set up a seed phrase (write it down somewhere safe), and a device-specific password.
  4. Go to the Krapopolis official site and click on "Buy Now" button on the top.
  5. Connect your wallet to Krapopolis marketplace by following the on-screen instructions.
  6. Browse and choose one or more Krap Chicken NFTs and hit the buy button.
  7. Every Krap Chicken NFT going for the sale for first-time (or minting) is worth 0.18 ETH.
  8. There will be additional gas fees that depends on the activity or traffic on the Ethereum blockchain at the time of buying.
  9. Check the total cost of your Krapopolis NFTs, and confirm your purchase.
  10. Once your blockchain transaction is confirmed, you will find the Krapopolis Krap Chicken NFTs in your Web3 wallet.

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What are Krap Eggs and what is their utility? Why does my Krap Chicken NFT lay an egg token?

Every Krap Chicken NFT has an additional function and surprise. It will lay "eggs" or generate new tokens daily known as $KRAPEGG tokens which are ERC-20 tokens. The more Krap Egg tokens you have, the more perks you can avail from the Krapopolis show and NFT markeplace. Krap Egg tokens are not transferrable. So, for the number of days you own a Krap Chicken NFT, you will be earning Krap Egg tokens daily. After you sell or transfer your Krap Chicken NFTs to another owner or another wallet, you will no longer earn the $krapegg tokens. However, all your krapegg token earnings upto that point will remain in your wallet, and you can use them for buying or unlocking hidden perks or rewards.

How to import and view the Krap Egg tokens in your Web3 crypto wallet?

In the future, it is likely that this process will be automatic and even simpler. During the early days, you need to manually import your Krap Egg tokens to see them in your wallet. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open your Metamask wallet in the browser or mobile app.
  2. Click on "Import Tokens" and choose the "custom token" option.
  3. Enter this token address for Krap Egg token given by the official FAQ of Krapopolis: 0xCa4c2ff1f20f3Be07078CF5f37b9c90764aa0388
  4. When you enter the above token address, the Token Symbol field will auto fill to ‘KRAPEGG’ and the Token Decimal will auto fill to ’18’.
  5. Confirm this import by hitting the "Add Custom Token" button and you have the Krap Egg tokens in your wallet!

Final Words on Krapopolis NFTs

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Where to watch krapopolis online ?

  • Netflix.
  • Hotstar.
  • Voot.
  • Jio Cinema.

Krapopolis is an animated show which is fully digitally produced. It features an NFT marketplace and many NFT collections will be available in times to come. The first NFT collection from Krapopolis is called Krap Chickens and there are 10,420 of these NFTs each having unique attributes. Once someone owns a Krap Chicken NFT, they start earning some Krap Egg tokens daily.

The Krap Chicken NFTs are ERC-721 standard NFTs and Krap Egg tokens are ERC-20 standard tokens. You can trade or transfer the Krap Chicken NFTs, while the $KrapEgg tokens are non-transferrable. Owning Krapopolis NFTs and tokens gives you access to special and exclusive perks like hidden scenes, rewards like getting featured on the show, and powers like voting on certain aspects of the show.

This makes Krapopolis the first animated show curated on the blockchain! We hope you will love watching the first two seasons of Krapopolis in 2023 and enjoy participating in its blockchain NFT marketplace.

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