Unlock Your Lost Nokia Security Lock-Code Instantly

Updated on: January 12, 2019


Mobile Securityis very important factor in current world,mostly we store lots of private and important information into our mobile due to its  portability feature e.g ATM pin,Mailbox Password,Bank Password etc , to protect the privacy of our information  we use  some locking  mechanism,which enhance your data integrity and consistency.But you may observe that many people put very Complex code to their mobile( which is probably Good ) and forgot that code after some time.

Get Nokia Security Code

So in such situation we just do trial and error mechanism to get it work,which has very less success rate.Finally last way is to format/flash our mobile,which leads to loss of data.If you really want to know your existing lock code without any data loss,then you probably need to do following simple steps to get it done successfully. To do this you need [ANT] which is  a small program that reads the security code of any Nokia phone that supports in USB connection mode.

Step1. Download the ANT from here.

Step2.  Connect your mobile to PC in PC Suite mode, If you are running Nokia PC Suite , please close all process of PC Suite from task manager using 'End process tree' option.

Step3. Run simple.exe file,now click on GET button by selecting NORMALfrom drop down menu.

Finding Lock code of Nokia N70

Step4. Now on right hand side you will get message like "Phone Found!" then you done ,forget about Error message of Changing Phone Mode.Now click on READ INFO button ,which will read all mobile specific data on right side.

Step5.Navigate to SERVICE tab and click on GET button under USER CODEsection.Now wait for few seconds and you will get your existing SECURITY  LOCK CODE at  bottom line. Enjoy and unlock your freedom !!!

Getting Nokia Lock Code

[note]This trick is only applicable to  NOKIA handsets & successfully tested of my NOKIA-N70,try this with your mobile and just put your queries & result  in comment section [/note]

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  1. I want to unlock my forgetten Nokia-N70. Serial no of. 35433012220804. Please i need your help. Text the security code through my phone no. 07067616815 Thankz

    1. Hello Benjamin,we cant give u unlock code by remotely as this process need physical handset.

      Please do follow above steps if ur running Windows 8+ then I suggest to run all above program in Windows Xp compatibility mode by going into properties of file then compatibility mode.

      I hope this will help u to fix ur issue.

      Let me know if u need any help.

      All the best

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