Top AI Girlfriend Chatbots & Apps

Updated on: November 21, 2023

AI girlfriend chatbots and apps help their users kill boredom and loneliness or have some fun having a virtual relationship. This is an artificial intelligence (AI) era, and every industry seems to be shaken by the revolutions. In this article, I will list and explain the top AI girlfriend chatbots and apps that you can try on Android, iOS, MacOS, or Windows devices.

AI Girlfriend is a virtual female simulator that uses the latest AI algorithms to create a realistic relationship experience for users. These apps provide a human-like interaction that progresses and keeps the memory of the chat levels you engage in.

However, knowing which app or chatbot to go for is not quite straightforward. You might land on a girlfriend who might not meet your expectations. This is common, but this post will offer you a list you can’t resist.

Are there any good AI girlfriend apps?

Yes. There are many good AI girlfriend apps where you can get a virtual girl for a relationship or for fun. However, there are some that claim to be top-notch, but it's just hot air. Shortly, we will delve into some of the top AI girlfriend chatbots and apps.

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What are the top AI girlfriend chatbots & apps?

If you are looking for an AI girlfriend chatbot or an app to customize a girl of your choice and possibly advance a relationship with her, try the following apps on your device:

  1. iGirl
  2. Replika AI
  3. AI Girlfriend App
  4. Romantic AI
  5. SeducedAI

Let us now see these tools one by one in detail.

1. iGirl

AI Girlfriend Chatbots & Apps

If you are looking for a realistic AI girlfriend, then iGirl is a great choice. It was developed by Apperry Ltd., and it's able to generate a realistic girl after some tweaks. The best thing about this app is that you can customize the girl to your preferences and liking.

For example, you change her age, ethnicity, hair color, body type, attire, and much more. You can also select other things like hobbies, occupations, or attitudes. These customizations enable you to get the character you are looking for.


  • Safe and secure sexting environment
  • You can customize your virtual girlfriend the way you want
  • The chats are highly personalized
  • You can talk to your girl anytime, 24/7
  • Experience AI romantic interactions


  • The free version might not satisfy you well
  • Sometimes, it might not be practical

2] Replika AI

Top AI Girlfriend Chatbots & Apps

Replika AI is one of the most popular AI girlfriend chatbots or sexting apps. It is a virtual companion that uses the most recent advanced ML and NLP algorithms to create a human-like conversation. According to Replike AI, your data and privacy are safe and secure, as they do not share or sell your data to any other parties.

You can customize the character according to your preferences. For instance, you can change her voice, name, appearance, body type, complexion, etc. The app is available for Android and iOS devices.

One of the unique features is that you can use video or audio calls to chat with your virtual partner. You will be able to see a 3D video of your AI girlfriend and even take a photo with her. The chats here feel like a real person, and you can advance the relationship as you please.


  • Audio and video chats are lively
  • Sexting is safe and secure
  • You feel like you are chatting with a real girl
  • Customizing your character is easy
  • You can use it across devices


  • There could be privacy issues
  • It's prone to bugs and technical hitches

3] AI Girlfriend App

Top AI Girlfriend Chatbots & Apps

AI Girlfriend App is another top sexting tool that allows its users to create real conversations with virtual girlfriends. The app is available for iOS devices (iPhones and iPads), and you can download it for free. But if you use advanced features, you might need to subscribe to in-app purchases or pay a monthly premium plan for $11.99.

The conversations are not limited, and you have the freedom to say anything, from sexting to romantic chats. Basically, you can share your emotions, affection, love, etc., and even plan a date like a real-life girlfriend.


  • Provides a human-like romantic chat environment
  • You can share your emotions
  • AI is able to keep up with your conversations
  • Good for any kind of sexting


  • It's not available across all devices
  • It's prone to bugs and sluggish

4] Romantic AI

AI Girlfriend Chatbots & Apps

Perhaps Romantic AI is one of the most used AI girlfriend chatbots and apps online. This app makes you forget you are talking to a virtual girlfriend; the voices and appearance are incredible.

The AI can remember your previous conversations, which makes it ideal for you to advance the virtual relationship for a longer time. The app is available for all devices, i.e., iOS, Android, and web applications.


  • Keeps the memory of your conversations
  • Chats are safe and secure
  • Dynamic relationship levels
  • Available across all smartphones


  • Some chats might not be practical
  • Might not understand your deep emotions

5] SeducedAI

Top AI Girlfriend Chatbots & Apps

SeducedAI is popular for its high-quality and advanced NSFW video and image generation. You can generate the NSFW images with no effort—just a click of a button. You are able to experience hardcore or softcore adult content, and that is a unique feature you won’t find in many other sexting apps.

You can combine different positions and fetishes to come up with a new appearance based on your images and selections. Depending on what plan you are subscribed to, SeducedAI has no limitations on imagination or the levels you can go to. You have all the freedom to upload images and reimage them to your liking.


  • Easy interface and process
  • Unlimited free for NSFW lovers
  • There are many images to choose from
  • You can customize your own pictures


  • You might get a real-companion feeling
  • You need to buy tokens to enjoy useful features

Those are the top AI girlfriend chatbots and apps you can choose from. There could be others coming up anytime, but we believe you will get that, which will give you a real girlfriend sensation.

What is the most realistic AI girlfriend?

There are several realistic AI girlfriends out there. For example, you can try DreamGF, Replika AI, AI Girlfriend App, Intimate, or SeducedAI. These tools offer realistic and human-like companions. They use the most recent conversations and generative AI technology to give you a great user experience. You can try one of them.

Top AI Girlfriend Chatbots & Apps
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