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Updated on: July 4, 2022

Now a days, many people especially the youth is using online  SMS services like, & etc. to send FREE  messages to their friends. Their are lots of benefits of  such SMS services to both end-users and service providers. All of these services  are presented with good web-based interface as well as some good SMS archives to send theme as SMS, birthday reminder services and all.

Free SMS

Though I agree on all these things , which are absolutely FREE for us , still I feel very bored to see all these advertisements, SMS & number of character restrictions, and most important every time we  need to do LOGIN to particular site 🙁 such things  take away most users (like me) from such service 🙂 I hate all such things.

So, today I will tell you some  of the good FREE-SMS services which will enable you to send free sms :

1. Without any SIGNUP/LOGIN,

2. Without any Advertisement,

3. No daily Limit & Character restriction,

4.  Anonymous SMS,Instant delivery.



1 AfreeSMS :   This is really fast service to send message quickly according to location you selected,Its working fine with non DND mobile phones .




  • Free SMS  Service : WapVilla.Com & Jaxtr.Com
Jaxtr Free International SMS service

Jaxtr Free International SMS service


JaxtrJaxtr-SMS is  FREE international SMS service which can help you to send free messages within countries or in your home countries,The beauty of Jaxtr is ,it have mobile client so you can directly work with it using your mobile. Jaxtr SMS client have support of all major smartphone's : Android, iPhone , Blackberry,Windows,Symbian & Java enable phones So grab it and send SMS now ,it require simple registration too. Note: Jaxtr does not support US & UK countries
  • You can Send SMS/MMS to International countries  using another free service called "leida".
1. To avail this free international SMS service sign-up for free account
2. Provide your details,after that your phone will get activation code,put it in appropriate box and wait for their Email which contains your username and password Note: DND numbers may not get SMS 


Wapvilla: To send Free SMS, hit on and enjoy anonymous SMS, it supports all above conditions and it is also tested on DND enabled numbers, and works great 🙂

SMSTI.IN Free SMS to india Without Login

SMSTI.IN Free SMS to india Without Login

SMSTI.IN: Its another free SMS service which enable you to send free sms within INDIA,It don't required any login or registration.It work perfectly.For DND it may not work

[note]Note: This service now support SMS  identification  due to privacy reasons  & TRAI rules [/note]

  • BollywoodMotion and SeaSMS

1. In BollywoodMotion there is a character restriction of 500 but no login needed, and ads are also negligible.



2. In SeaSMS you can send SMS, bulk SMS as well as MMS in either English or in HINDI also, but it may show you some ads,the beauty is they don't need login or any signup process and it also send message to internationally  🙂


[note]All these service are prohibited on DND (DoNotDistrub) listed mobiles , So  if your mobile is in  DND  then  you will NOT get SMS because of new TRAI rules, check your DND status here[/note]

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