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Updated on: August 31, 2019

With the rapidly growing number of online businesses popping into the scene every second day, the competition is becoming fierce and the ways of earning money through the internet are multiplying. Today the internet is the biggest platform for brands to earn a good amount of revenue to keep up with the competition. There are many ways through which internet businesses can make money online. One of the most important ways to do this is through push notifications!

For those of you who don’t know, Push notifications are that notification which you get on your desktop browser or smartphone whenever the brand you have subscribed to rolls out a new update, product or service. This is a great way to keep audiences updated with what your brand is up to and a great way to make money!

One easy way to earn revenue through push notifications is by using

ProPush is a platform that helps online businesses and websites monetize traffic using push notifications. It is a part of the Propellerads network and offers a wide selection of payment models (CPS, Revshare) to website owners. Users of this platform get to play with an easy setup, monitoring and detailed statistics for each subscription.

ProPush helps publishers earn money through push notifications effortlessly. Banking on the success and experience of propeller ads, the platform has become a popular choice for bloggers and publishers to make money from their online contents.

Why Publishers like ProPush?

  • ProPush offers real time tracking of their (Website’s) performance.
  • Two advances revenue models, CPS and revenue share.
  • ProPush pays publishers through multiple payment options.
  • Publishers have the option to earn additional money from the referral program.
  • Every impression and subscriptions pay you.

How to earn revenue with

Since online business is all about giving the audiences what they want and making money out of it, let us now learn and understand how you can make money using push notifications and content lockers with ProPush!

Monetize with Push Subscriptions _ ProPush Me

The first and foremost thing to do here is to add a smart tag to your website, which we will elaborate on later in this post. This smart tag simply requests the user’s permission to send push notifications. Once the user subscribes to these notifications, you start earning money.

There are two major ways through which you can earn money on ProPush:

  • Immediate Income- CPS (Cost per subscriber)

In this payment model, you are paid only once as soon as a user subscribes to receive push notifications. Hence, this model is called “Cost Per Subscriber” and should not be mistaken for “Cost per sale”. There is no rocket science involved here. You simply get paid whenever someone subscribes to receive the push notifications.

  • Long-term income- CPM Revenue Share (Revshare)

The Revshare model is quite similar to online advertising networks. The usual story remains the same, you will get paid whenever someone subscribes to receive the push notifications.

Furthermore, you can also earn an additional stream of income from the referral program. The rate of the commission for this referral program is 5%. Here you will be paid for each ad impression that is shown to your website visitor.

Joining is easy!

The biggest plus about is that it is ABSOLUTELY FREE TO JOIN! Once you apply to join them, you will get approved immediately. Many publishers and bloggers have stated that it is easier to join and get approved faster compared to many other ad networks. All you need to do is to follow the instructions below:

  • Visit the ProPush official website
  • Click on Register. Simply click on the form shown on their page to register and get approved instantly.
  • Once registered, check your email for a verification link and confirm. (In case you don’t find their mail in the primary inbox, check your spam folder)
  • Last but not least, Log into your account!

add Site _ Propush me

Adding a website

Once you have successfully registered with ProPush, you can add your first website to your account to start earning.

  • Log into your dashboard using your email or username and password.
  • Next, click on Add Source.
  • You can also add a landing page apart from adding a website.
  • Enter the domain name ( of your website. No need to add http or https in the prefix of the URL.
  • Finally, verify your website by copying the code and placing it in the head tag of your website.
  • Then click on Verify.

Now you can simply head over to your added site and select the ad types you want to use to monetize your website.

ProPush SmartTag Benefits

Adding a Smart Tag to your website

Now that you have registered and added your first website with ProPush, let us learn why you should add a smart tag to your website.

  • Your existing, as well as new users, will subscribe to your push notifications.
  • The Smart Tag you created will ask your users for permission to send push notifications.
  • Earn on every Push Subscriptions
  • Your profits will keep increasing with each push notification subscription.

smart-tag_ Propush me

Other important features!

  • Paid traffic: teaser, redirect, clicker, etc.
  • Newsletters
  • Banners
  • Social traffic
  • Inappropriate traffic

Choice of payment model

ProPush pays all registered publishers via CPS and Revshare payment models. Everything is clean as you get to see all current CPS rates by GEO displayed in your account. You get detailed access to extended stats like:

  • Number of subscriptions / unsubscribes
  • Quality of subscribers
  • Number of messages sent

ProPush pays publishers for all kinds of traffic and the Smart Tag feature will do everything to monetize the maximum of your traffic. You can easily track your traffic sources. Furthermore, you can also use the conversion monitoring feature with the S2S postback. This will help you quickly find out exactly which traffic sources bring the highest income.

Content Locker Propush me Content locker

ProPush has also developed its native Content locker feature which allows you to add restrictions to content on your website. You can restrict viewers from accessing a page, video, pictures, downloads, etc. Now if people want to access them, they will have to perform a task. The users can have complete and unlimited access to your content only if they subscribe to the push notification. Once they do so, you earn some money.

You can add the content locker while adding the smart tag. Once you do so, it will automatically lock the content for users. The content will be unlocked once the user completes the task. This is a great and compelling way to make more money from your contents!

Quick Summary : 

  • Joining ProPush is ABSOLUTELY FREE!
  • Once your website gets approved, you need to add the smart tag.
  • You can choose either CPS or rev share option.
  • When you choose CPS model, the visitors are asked to subscribe.
  • If you choose the rev share option.
  • You get paid for every subscription and impression.
  • You can redirect users after they click allow notifications using the traffic back option.
  • You can use the content locker feature to restrict users from viewing selected contents and push them to subscribe to your push notifications.


Push notifications is a great and perhaps the most popular way for online businesses to earn a healthy amount of revenue in the internet world. There are many key advantages to this that make this such a hot strategy for publishers and website owners and ProPush makes perfect use of all of those. From easy setup to responsive push notifications to smart tags and effective revenue models, everything about ProPush is just right!

Backed by the reputation of PropellerAds, ProPush easily helps make the internet a better place for both customers and publishers. Earning money using their push notifications is easy and joining the ProPush referral program gives you a chance to earn an additional stream of revenue with a commission rate of 5%

ProPush Me
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