Best Use of ChatGPT using these Productivity Toolkit

Updated on: February 21, 2023

Open AI's chatbot ChatGPT broke records by crossing 1 million users just one week after the official launch on November 30th, 2022. ChatGPT caused an internet uproar, as hundreds of tweets went viral stating that the chatbot is astounding and terrifying simultaneously. Since the launch, several users have tested it for different purposes; however, we will focus on the toolkits available in ChatGPT, boosting our productivity.

What is a ChatGPT toolkit?

ChatGPT is a language model designed by Open AI to train in collecting text data to generate responses to several different prompts mortally. Open AI released an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows merging ChatGPT into other applications and programs, which may be seen as a toolkit. With the help of the API, you can request the model to generate the answers that were asked so that you can later mix them into those applications.

Best ChatGPT Productivity Toolkit to talk to GPT 3

1. ChatGPT Writer for Gmail

From writing an email to our client for a work update to sending an email for a leave request to the manager, every professional or office worker spends too much time thinking of the best way to deliver an email to the person they want. For those kinds of people, ChatGPT can be a good companion. 

ChatGPT can clarify the instructions, which can describe the purpose of an email professionally. If one is dissatisfied with the output generated by the AI, one can make some modifications to that email. It will change the parts of the email and provides you with an alternate response, and you can repeat the process until you are satisfied with that email.

2. YouTube Summary for ChatGPT.

YouTube summary for ChatGPT is a simple and free chrome extension where you can copy and summarise any youtube videos without any complications. By adding this extension to your browser, you can save time. It will help you learn quickly and effectively. Furthermore, you can access the summary button on the video clip whenever you are watching a video on YouTube.You can follow the instructions on installing and using this extension on GitHub. It is part of Glasp, an AI based tool that helps you highlight and save stuff from the internet. 

3. ChatGPT for search engines.

ChatGPT for search engines is a suitable way to approach the model from the search engines to deliver an appropriate response for your query. There are various characteristics like Code syntax, Trigger settings with three different modes, a dark theme option, and a popup window. By right-clicking on the selected text, you can easily send that text as an instruction to the model anytime and anywhere in the world. All of those features make the extension user-friendly.

4. Web ChatGPT

The Web ChatGPT this extension will change the way to research in web browsers as it summarizes the results and displays them so that anyone can understand them easily. Several people felt like a roundup conversation when they read the search response. Although, this extension has some limitations: it cannot skim the web, and the knowledge is limited until 2021. You can find the link to the reference video where a Twitter user named DataChaz described the enhancements of the prompts he looked for with appropriate results.

5., an AI-driven checklist management medium, sought to fulfill tasks accurately every time to help enterprises. Some of the features of this medium include Task management, Work-Flow Management, Real-time collaboration, and many more. You can use this AI to design your checklists, processes, and SOPs.

6. The Merlin Extension

Merlin is a new UI design for using OpenAI's ChatGPT on all your famous sites like Google, Gmail, LinkedIn, and other websites you search or note online. With the help of Merlin, you can grasp Excel codes and formulae; you can write email replies smoothly, and it's also free to start with all V1 users. The plugin is helpful in tons of situations. 

7. ChatGPT Download

This chrome extension is used to download all your history into a PDF or PNG format, or you can create a link to share with others. The reason behind building this thing is it would be hard to take a snapshot of the entire chat. It is also not ideal to take screenshots partially and send them in order. It's easy to use once you start chatting using ChatGPT, you will find new tabs at the bottom of the page. Check out our detailed guide on how to download ChatGPT history to PDF.



The ChatGPT is the model which can talk to humans in language. While models like Dall-E2 boosted digital art by using text-to-image, ChatBCG is a model that implements text-to-slides and lets that bot do its work by adding features like various themes, layouts, outlines, etc., and headers and applying the format to keywords. 

This model allows you to export the slides in PPTX format. Some characteristics will be added later, like conversational editing, information infographics, and the use of blog posts.

9. ChatGPT Everywhere

With this ChatGPT Everywhere extension, you can use ChatGPT on every page of your browser. You will get better results and experiences with the knowledge of ChatGPT everywhere. It adds a hovering button near the inputs fields where you can get replacements of the main content for AI-generated texts.

The other features of this extension are infinite solutions thanks to the vast directory of ChatGPT, the response for query searched in Google as it gathers the data you need while searching in Google, it also provides a sidebar everywhere regardless of where you are on the web page you can access the sidebar and take the benefit of ChatGPT's language model. 

10. Summarize by ChatGPT

In generating a summary, ChatGPT excels that field. This extension can produce a summary of an article you came across or of a book you want to know before reading it. Recently, I read the book "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho, and I asked ChatGPT to summarize that book for me. Here is the result I found:

The summary is to the point and helps decide whether to read the book or not.

11. Promptheus.

If you are into voice search rather than typing your queries or prompts or are new to ChatGPT, this extension is the perfect way to get a hands-free experience. It can turn the ChatGPT model into a voice assistant like Siri or Google Assistant, which reacts to your voice commands. By pressing the spacebar key, you can quickly dictate the requests you want on ChatGPT. This extension handles recording your inquiries and transmitting them to the AI bot. You can find that extension at the top right corner of the screen. Why type when you can chat!

In Conclusion

As you can see ChatGPT helps improve productivity. AI is set to evolve and will soon take over repitative and menial task. Meanwhile, us humans can focus on the things that matter the most. In the near future we will witness a slew of such clever extensions. Needless to say, AI is rising to the prominence with ChatGPT. Soon enough an entire ecosystem of products is set to make the technology accessible and scaleable. Which is your favourate ChatGPT productivity toolkit? Let us know in comments below.


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