Crowdfire: ONE Product You Need To Market Your Blog?

Updated on: July 4, 2022

If professions were animals, bloggers would, without a doubt, be chameleons. In their dogged determination to get their blog to the top, bloggers don many hats. Apart from being an excellent writer, storyteller, and journalist, the typical blogger also needs to be a social media manager, a marketer, a photographer, a publicist, a financial planner, and more. Hiring people for every task is unviable for it is expensive, and blogging, though utterly gratifying, takes time to become a steady source of income.

If the many tasks that a blogger has to do were the heads of a hydra, the biggest head would be that of marketing. Every day, millions of bloggers read articles like ‘37 Ways to Successfully Succeed Without Doing Black Magic’, take online courses on the latest marketing trend, attend webinars, and do more to learn marketing.


If you’re a blogger and have been nodding your head throughout, to you we say- not all hope is lost. There are a number of powerful tools that you can use to take control of your marketing. One such tool is Crowdfire, and it may just prove to be one of the most valuable tools in your marketing arsenal. The popular social media marketing took recently beta-launched a completely revamped version of their app that is now powered by an artificially intelligent bot that analyzes your business to create marketing tasks that take only 5 minutes to complete. Here’s how you can use Crowdfire to:

Save time

Let's be honest - there's just way, way too much to be done when it comes to marketing. You can use Crowdfire to keep that marketing to-do list in check. The new task-based interface lets you zip through your social media marketing within a matter of minutes. So now you can focus on doing what you love - blogging!


Discover potential readers

There are over 300 million monthly active users on Twitter which makes the platform a fantastic place to discover potential readers. But how does one find them? You can use Crowdfire’s growth features - Copy Followers & Keyword Follow - to find and connect with people who might be interested in your blog. For example, if your blog is about fashion,keywords like #ootd and #fashionweek would be perfect for you to find people interested in fashion. Similarly, you can use Copy Followers to connect with people following a popular fashion brand or a fashion magazine.

Drive traffic to your blog

Building a follower base online is so use if you don’t capitalise it. After you’ve connected with your relevant target audience, you can use Crowdfire to set up an automated direct message on Twitter and send new followers a link to your blog.


Build a loyal community

A loyal community on social media is one of the most valuable resources you’ll ever have when it comes to building your brand. The thing about social media marketing is that it is a two-way street, especially if you’re a blogger. It’s important that you give some love back to your fans. This is where the Admirers and Fans features of Crowdfire really hit home.

CrowdFire Mobile App

Stay Relevant

As of writing this blog post, over 3 million posts were published. In this content deluge, it's super important to stay relevant and be noticed. The Smartfeed feature of Crowdfire helps you join in relevant conversations in your industry by giving you a list of specially curated tweets that you can favorite. The content recommendations help you share relevant content with your community and be seen as a thought leader. Lastly, the Twitter & Instagram scheduler help you say the right thing at the right time by calculating the best time for you to post on social based on when your followers are most likely to be online.

Crowdfire packs a powerful punch in a simple interface. You can check it out here:

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