Mobile & Laptop Data Recovery is Now Easy with Bitwar: Review

Updated on: July 4, 2022

Losing valuable data every now and then has become a routine scenario for millions of people across the world. Sometimes you switch between devices and hard disks, sometimes your system catches a virus and corrupts your storage, sometimes your HDD or SSD crashes, sometimes you accidentally delete important files and sometimes you need to retrieve back files which you permanently deleted from the Recycle bin as well.

I’m pretty sure that either of these things must have happened to you. I myself have been a victim of an SSD crash and ended up losing about 60% of my important files and media. So naturally, I had to look for various ways to recover my lost data. That is when I came across this cool data recovery software called “Bitwar”.

I used Bitwar and was impressed with its ease and simplicity of use. Within just 20 minutes of setup, I had recovered almost 95% of my lost SSD data and I was relieved. Hence I decided to write a quick review of Bitwar Data Recovery Software and how it works so that other data loss victims like me can benefit from it.

About Bitwar Data Recovery Software

Bitwar Data Recovery Software was designed for seamlessly recovering data that you have accidentally lost or deleted previously. The software published by Xiamen Baishengtong Software Technology, is fully compatible with devices running on both Windows and Mac OS.  The software runs perfectly on Windows 10/8/Vista/XP and Mac OS.

One of the easiest data recovery tools to use, Bitwar specializes in recovering deleted media and content like Docs, Photo, Video, Music, and Archive and guarantees 100% Safe & Complete Recovery Process.

The software recovers lost data from accidental deletion, partition formats, memory cards have to be formatted before use and other common scenarios through an easy 3 steps recovery process for files deleted from your SD Card, Memory Stick, PC/MAC, Hard Drive, Camera, USB Drive, Recycle Bin etc.

Highlight features

Bitwar Data Recovery software is a feature-rich software packaged with the most useful and easy to handle tools for recovering any type of lost data within a matter of minutes. Here is a quick list of features which I came across personally.

  • Easy to use and understand step-by-step interface to recover lost files.
  • Capable of recovering any kind of files that run on Windows or Mac system.
  • Offers 3 powerful scan modes: Quick scan, Deep scan, and formatted recovery.
  • Review files before recovering by; Double-clicking file, Clicking the magnify button or turn to preview tab.
  • Recover files with original folder structure.
  • 30 days free trial that offers unlimited recovery for all types of files.
  • Featured bubble tips and instruction to take you through and help you understand the function of software easily and quickly.
  • Powerful media preview function to preview the video, audio, GIF image with embedded media players.

How to download and setup Bitwar?

Downloading and setting up Bitwar on your Windows or Mac machine is really very simple. All you need to do is jump to the Bitwar official website. There you will get an option to download the software. You can download either the Windows or Mac version.


After downloading and launching the setup file, click on “Next” to continue with the installation. Then agree to the terms and conditions.


Then choose the install location and hit “Install”.

After the installation is complete, you will get to choose between two data recovery options:

  • Data recovery for PC

Ideal for recovering lost data from hard disks, SD cards, USB drives, formatted recovery, lost partitions and other RAW data.

  • Data recovery for Mobile

Ideal for recovering your phone’s photos, videos, SMS, contacts, call records and more.

Let’s go with data recovery for PC!

After this, you will need to register your account. You can register using your email ID or through your social media accounts (ie; Facebook, Twitter or Google+).


Once you have registered, you will get access to the Bitwar data recovery tools. You will also be given tips and instructions on operating the software as shown below.


How to recover deleted files using Bitwar?

Once your setup and registration are complete, the main window of the software will show all the available drives and disks partitions available on your device.

You can either click on “Deep Scan” to find lost partitions to recover or you can choose one of the available drives or partitions and hit “Next”. (Shown below)


Now you will be given 3 scanning options to choose from:

  • Quick Scan

To recover files you permanently deleted accidentally by using “Shift + Delete” that are not available in the Recycle bin.

  • Deep Scan

You can use this option in case the “Quick Scan” option did not fetch you your desired files.

Please note: Deep scanning will take longer time than Quick scan, as it will search every sector of your hard drive to find all existing files. So please be patient!

  • Formatted Recovery

This is the best option for retrieving deleted formatted files and partitions.

Once you’ve chosen your scan mode, hit “Next”.


Now finally, you will have to select the type(s) of files you wish the software to recover. This is important as it will narrow down the search requirements by scanning only your selected file type(s). Thus making the scanning process quicker and saving you valuable time.

After selecting your file type(s), hit “Scan”.


Now the server will start scanning and retrieving all the possible data. The scanning may take some time depending upon the number of files recovered and your drive size. Wait till the scan is completed.

Once the scan is complete, go through the list and select the files you wish to recover. After that, hit “Recover” and the server will start recovering your selected files.


Plans & pricing

Bitwar offers 3 comprehensive plans to their customers to choose from, which includes a 30 days free trial. The packages are priced differently according to the available tools and features.

  Free Annual Lifetime
Price - $49 $99
Validity 30 days 1 year Unlimited
Limits of authorization 1 PC 1 PC 1 PC
Recover all file types Yes Yes Yes
Recover data from all supported devices Yes Yes Yes
Lost partition recovery Yes Yes Yes
RAW recovery Yes Yes Yes
Export/import scan results Yes Yes Yes
Free lifetime upgrade No Yes Yes
Free technical support No Yes Yes

What’s even more interesting about the Bitwar packages is that you can also create a combo package of your own by adding Android recovery for Windows/Mac or iPhone recovery for Windows/Mac as add-on packages. (Shown below)


For more details about their plans, prices, features and other available products, visit the Bitwar official website.

How to avail Bitwar free trial?

Bitwar also offers a 30 days free trial in case you are not sure whether you should shell out your money on it. Availing the free trial is extremely easy. Once you have downloaded the software and registered your account, you will find your name written on the top bar of the app window. Just click on it and you’ll find the option “30 days trial”. Click on it!

Next you will be asked to share the software with your friends on your social media account. (ie; Facebook, Twitter or Google+)

I shared it on Google+ and this is what it showed.

As soon as you share Bitwar on your social media account, you will be given instant and unlimited access to all of the Bitwar tools for 30 days. This can be confirmed by the new “VIP” icon showing near your name on the top bar.

You will also be provided with a unique numeric user ID as shown below.



To state the truth, when you search for data recovery solutions on the internet, you will find numerous options to choose from. Since recovering lost and deleted data is a very common demand in today’s tech-savvy era, many software developers have designed data recovery tools for people.

However, the success rate of such tools actually varies greatly from situation to situation. Some are good for recovering lost partitions, some are good for recovering flash drive data, while some are good for recovering lost SD card data. There are only a few apps and software that perform good overall. Bitwar Data Recovery software is one of them. The tool works really well for recovering deleted files from flash drives, SD cards, USB drives, Recycle bin and what not.

If you are looking for a reliable software urgent data recovery needs, you can surely bank on Bitwar. Try it out yourself for 30 days and if you are assured of its functionality, go with the paid version.

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