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Arijit is a Blogger and Freelance Content Writer from New Delhi, India. He is budding Environmentalist and Creator/Editor-In-Chief of "Envibrary". Outside of blogging, he is a Musician and passionate Photographer. He is one of the amazing Author of BlogSaays Team who have expertise in Technology
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Mobile & Laptop Data Recovery is Now Easy with Bitwar

Losing valuable data every now and then has become a routine scenario for millions of people across the world. Sometimes you switch between devices and hard disks, sometimes your system catches a virus and corrupts your storage, sometimes your HDD or SSD crashes, sometimes you accidentally delete important files and sometimes you need to retrieve back files which you permanently deleted from the Recycle bin as well.

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Top 5 Technology that will Change way we Travel in Future

The 21st century is struggling to sustain the Environment today. The widespread population, rising exploitation and lack of management of resources, both renewable and non-renewable are killing the Earth in more ways than we can list down. All such factors have degraded the Earth and its Environment to such an extent that the entire world is facing a scarcity of resources. Not just this, the pollution level is so bad that even the resources that are available in plenty have become highly contaminated and unfit for use.

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Filmora the Best Vlogging Tool Every Video Maker Should Use


Wondershare has been the global leader when it comes to creating some really fine apps and software for photo and video editing. Their brainchild “Filmora” is considered one of the best video editing software in the world for beginners. They have also garnered widespread popularity around the world for all of these following applications

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How to Free up Space on iPhone

iphone data eraser

The Apple iPhone is undoubtedly one of the most advanced and respected smartphones of the modern era. The Apple branding behind the device gives it the class it deserves. From performance to stability to security, everything is top notch with the iPhone. However, there is one major drawback that the iPhone and iPhone users across the world face at a time. That is the availability of compatible software for various utilities.

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Recover Data from Windows 10 after Deleted from Recycle Bin

Ease US Data Recovery

The technology around us is changing every single day. With more and more technical advancements around us, we are fortunate to have some great tools which make our working style better and simple. Amidst the so many technologically advanced tools, are you still looking for a data recovery tool that can be the best solution for all your needs? If you are still not sure of the best recovery software, then we are here to help. EaseUs Data Recovery is the ultimate recovery tool that you will ever need. It is the one and the only solution for all the data recovery needs.

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Convert PDF to Flipbook Online using FlipHTML5

If you search for the keyword “Flipbook tools” on Google, you will find many popular ones in the market like iSpring Flip, FlipSnack, Yumpu and more that enable marketers and publishers to create attractive digital flipbooks and promote them on social media platforms. Basically to convert PDF to Flipbook.

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10web : All in One powerful WordPress Sites Management Platform


Internet technology has advanced to such an extent today that absolutely anyone in the world can create his/her own website in a matter of minutes and that too for free! There are numerous website building platforms in today’s date, each having varying difficulties, functions and features. Some platforms have been designed especially for beginners, while some are a bit complex and require you to have some knowledge about technical coding. WordPress Sites Management is another challenging factor.

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EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software Windows & Mac

Looking for the right app, software or some easy way to recover your deleted files, deleted media and lost partitions on your Laptop/Desktop/External HDD? Then you are at the right place at the right time.

Intentionally, accidentally or ending up deleting some files or losing important data and media due to technical errors can be a living nightmare for many people. Be it personal life, school, college or professional life, there are countless moments when this might happen. Recovering these lost data becomes even more frustrating.

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Blizz : Best Online Video Conferencing & File Sharing Tool


I’m sure you must have used TeamViewer or definitely must have heard about it. You’ll find it on almost every laptop or computer of your working friends or colleagues and especially on every desktop system in an office building of many organizations.

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