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Updated on: July 4, 2022

Windows and MacOSx are most used OS in professionals, Microsoft always has strong software base & products to deal with system issues and optimizations. Whereas MacOSx has less & selective software base to handle critical system issue. Dealing with such issues is the real pain for some of  Windows user who uses MacOSx on their professional laptop. Hence due to some demand, we decided to help our beloved Windows user to provide some quick solutions using 1Click application.



Have you ever thought of installing all-in-one security and system management software on your machine? A suite of utilities in one app seems to be a really good and efficient solution to this dilemma. Instead of installing a dozen of utilities and widgets, try MacKeeper. It’s a good combination of cleaning, security, diagnostic, optimization and system management tools in one app. This review covers different features and functions of MacKeeper.

MacKeeper Cleaning Tools

If you want to get rid of unnecessary files and free up extra space, MacKeeper has several tools at your disposal. This app helps to remove junk files such as logs, temporary cache files, and other unwanted items. If you have copies of the same file that are stored in different folders, MacKeeper can help to group them all in one list and remove the files that you no longer need. The good thing is that MacKeeper is designed in a way that it keeps your personal or critical data untouched. Thanks to extremely intuitive interface users can easily choose the cleaning and storage management tools that they need at the moment. They are as follows:

  • Memory Cleaner. This tool cleans the memory of unwanted cache files with a single click after you use any heavy apps or play games. A good thing is that you can customize it and schedule an automatic cleanup.


  • Logs Cleaner. Your machine constantly gathers system and user log files. MacKeeper will scan your Mac and look for unnecessary log files that are taking up space. You can easily remove them.
  • Cache Cleaner. Temporary cache files are made to speed up certain application processes. Unfortunately, they build up and consume a lot of space. Cache Cleaner helps to remove them.
  • Smart Uninstaller. When you drag and drop application to the Trash, not all files associated with this app are removed. Smart Uninstaller helps to completely uninstall a certain app, plugin, or widget.


  • Duplicates Finder. An extremely useful tool that finds file copies and removes them after your approval. You’ll be surprised how much space the duplicates eat up on your drive.


  • Disk Usage. This tool gives general info about the folders taking up the most space on your hard drive.


MacKeeper Security Features

Thanks to sophisticated tools MacKeeper adds extra layers of security and protection to your Mac. It can scan your Mac, detect and remove malware, and keep your Mac protected in real time. Advanced Anti-Theft mechanisms increase the chances to find your Mac if it ever gets stolen. MacKeeper Security tools cover the following protection aspects:

  • Safe Browsing. MacKeeper’s real-time Safe Browsing feature keeps you protected from potentially malicious websites. You can create your own blacklist. This tool is compatible both with Safari and major third-party browsers.


  • Antivirus Tool. MacKeeper provides advanced antivirus protection. It keeps your Mac safe from all types of viruses (Mac and Windows viruses as well), phishing attacks, identity theft, fraudulent websites, spyware and malware.
  • Sophisticated Anti-Theft Technologies. If you lose Mac or it ever gets stolen, you can track it and lock the screen.
  • Snapshot of the Thief. MacKeeper can also capture an image of the thief with the webcam and send a detailed location report to your personal MacKeeper account if anyone tries to log in.
  • Camera and Microphone Protection. You no longer need to cover your webcam with stiсkers. This easy-to-use feature controls and alerts you if any app or process requests unauthorized access to camera or microphone.

System Optimization Features in MacKepeer


MacKepeer is not just another cleaning and protection software solution - it also helps to optimize some system processes and apps. With up-to-date apps your system will function at the optimal level. MacKeeper offers the following system optimization tools:

  • Login Items. This tool shows the processes, agents, daemons and apps that are launched when your Mac boots up. You can easily control the apps that you want to run with Login Items.


  • Update Tracker. Do you want to manage and keep all your apps up-to-date? Update Tracker will do it for you and check all available sources of updates.

MacKeeper seems to be an extremely intuitive and optimal suite of tools that every Mac user should try. Their 24/7 customer support reps respond to requests and questions via live chat or phone in a timely manner. There is no need to hang on the line for a long time to talk to their Apple certified representatives. To get more info about this app, go to MacKeeper official website.

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