How to Increase Your Snapscore Fast?

Updated on: January 7, 2023
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Snapchat is a popular social media app for iOS, Android and Web. It has popular features like Lenses, Filters, Stories, Videos, Video Calling, Direct Messaging, Bitmoji personalized emojis, Snapchat Streaks and Snap Scores. In this article, we will explore what Snapchat Scores are all about, how they work, how you can increase them very quickly, and what are the things not to do as well!

What is Snapchat Score or Snapscore?

Snapscore is a score indicating how active and popular a user is on Snapchat. The actual formula behind Snapscore is secret and unknown by design. Snapchat uses its proprietary top-secret algorithm and they keep tweaking it from time-to-time.

The idea behind Snapscore is to encourage users to engage more with the app. Consumer psychology suggests that when people see a growing number against their identity, they feel better about themselves. And they start feeling committed to keeping the Snap Score higher and increasing it.

As a result, the Snapscore motivates Snapchat users to share snaps and stories with lots of friends, and interact in turn with their snaps and stories too. In short, your Snapscore is a proxy for your time, attention, and energy that you have given to Snapchat.

People sometimes prefer to write Snapscore as Snap Score or Snapchat Score on the Internet.

How do Snap Scores work?

Snapchat keeps the formula behind Snap Scores a well-guarded secret. So it is impossible to know exactly how the Snap Score works. However, users try many things and share their results with others on the Internet. By trial-and-error and shared experiences of thousands of Snapchat users, we have been able to shed light on how Snap Scores work and how you can make them go up very fast.

The key behind having higher Snap Scores is to have lots of friends on Snapchat. And then, to share and view lots of Snaps and Stories with each of them. For every unique Snap or Story that you share with your friends, and all the Stories & Snaps from your friends that you open, you get a boost in your Snap Scores.

It is important to know what doesn't work for increasing your Snap Scores. If you share the same Snap or Story again and again with your friends, this is not going to help in getting your Snap Score up. However, you can use Multi-Snap feature to take lots of Snaps in one go, like a burst of photos, and send this Multi-Snap to multiple friends. We will discuss in greater detail the different hacks for boosting your Snap Scores in less time in the following sections.

How to increase and get up your Snap Score fast?

First, let us consider some popular actions on Snapchat that do not increase your Snap Score. Sending direct messages to people or adding lots of friends alone does not help boost your Snap Score.

Secondly, using third-party apps that claim to boost your Snap Scores is harmful as they use bot techniques that look like spamming and violate Snapchat community guidelines. So using such third-party apps can be counterproductive and lead to your account getting banned.

The Top 5 Ways to Boost your Snap Score

  1. Sending Snaps to other people
  2. Opening Snaps from other people
  3. Posting Stories regularly
  4. Opening Stories of other people
  5. Maintaining Snapchat Streaks with your friends

What are the secret hacks and techniques behind getting higher Snap Scores?

  • Add lots of friends and also subscribe to celebrities on Snapchat.
  • All of these people are the Snapchat accounts to whom you can send Snaps.
  • You can also go to forums and online discussion groups. Go there to find other Snapchat users interested in joining groups for finding new Snapchat accounts.
  • Send Multisnaps to all of them. Multisnaps are bursts of photos that you can send together.
  • The higher the number of multisnaps you send to other people, the greater your Snap Score will go.
  • When your friends and other people open your Snaps, that will also boost yours and their own Snap Scores.
  • Even if the celebrities and influencers will not open your Snaps, sending them Snaps by itself helps grow your Snap Score.
  • Maintaining Snap Streaks (regularly sending and opening snaps with your friends) also adds to your and their Snap Scores.

Do higher Snap Scores unlock hidden features, perks or achievements for Snapchat users?

The higher your Snap Score is, the more bragging rights you get about how popular and active you are on Snapchat. Your Snap Score is a number displayed next to your Profile Name. As a result, it is a highly visible statistical figure that creates a first impression of clout among other members of Snapchat community.

If you are thinking whether higher Snap Scores will unlock special features, perks, benefits, filters, lenses and other such things, then you are wrong. The purpose of Snap Scores is not to provide additional tools, effects or powers to the active and popular users. Thus, your Snap Score is not a functional score or number. But it has a psychological effect on both the user having the higher Snap Score and in other users who might view this user with awe and respect.

You can guess that when new users find your Snapchat profile or see it recommended to them, your high Snap Score will leave a positive impression on them. They may feel like they should be your friends and interact with you. This, in turn, can help you get even higher Snap Scores by opening their Snaps and sending them Snaps. Thus, the key to Snap Scores is to have fun with them and enjoy them as an inspiration to grow your Snapchat community and social network.

What is the highest Snap Score ever?

We acknowledge that over time, the figure for highest Snap Score and the holder of this title will change. However, Mustbecris has the highest Snap Score of more than 320 million points in 2022! The second highest Snap Score goes to Cris-thisguy with 250 million points. This is sufficient to understand that top Snap Scores can go in the range of tens or hundreds of millions!

Who has the highest Snap Score in the world?

Snap Scores update regularly and so they will keep changing. We are providing this list of highest Snap Scores to give you some idea of how high Snap Scores can go! The Top 10 highest Snap Scores in 2022 are as follows:

  1. Mustbecris – 320 million
  2. Cris-thisguy – 250 million
  3. Dion-19 – 237 million
  4. Jaideep Gurgar – 51 million
  5. Michae86l – 29.6 million
  6. Ciqlo – 26.6 million
  7. Gpierson_20 – 20 million
  8. Daydrunks – 20 million
  9. Noah Rittle – 13.6 million
  10. Jade_rush1 – 10.8 million
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