LIKE App: A Magical Video Editing App Every Instagramer Must Use

Updated on: June 24, 2022

If you are looking for an app to have fun while making videos along with playing with your creativity, then your wait is over. The app world has become more exciting with the addition of the amazing LIKE app. The app has got all the features that are sufficient enough to attract the users towards it and play with their innovative, unique and most importantly creative ideas and imagination.

LIKE - magical video editing app

The app is simply amazing and has won a million hearts ever since its launch. The app is pretty simple to use. The user-friendly interface and a quick access are the two main pillars of the app. People are going all praising and talking about the app and the app is all set to make a buzz in the app industry. If you are still not aware of what exactly the app is and what are its features, then this is where you can find all the needed information. Let's begin.

The LIKE app

The app is amazing and the new thing that everyone is talking about. The app lets you create magic music videos and share them with your friends within an instant of time. Not only this, the app also open up the enormous opportunities to add music and some interesting magic effects to the videos created. There are a number of magic effects that you can choose and make your LIKE videos more interesting and fascinating.

The app also encourages its users to submit their LIKE videos to get featured and being in the favorites of the LIKE community. Although the app is new, it has grabbed many eyes towards it within no time. The app is being used by one million users worldwide within a week of its launch. Now, it has become easy to make magic videos without much difficulties with LIKE. Let us explore some of the amazing features that the app offers:

Features of LIKE app:

  1. 3D Magic : We all have always been fascinated with the 3D effects. Don't we? Well, now you can actually use all the amazing 3D effects that you have always wanted to with LIKE. The app offers 12 different kinds of 3D magic effects like the rocket, fly, minify, zoom, etc. for adding the charm of 3D magic to your videos.                                                          
  2. Amazing Special Effects: You will never be bored with the number of special effects that the app offers you. The app lets you explore a whole new creative side of yours by trying the super cool special effects. Dazzled, 2 mirrors are some of the amazing special effects that the app offers. These amazing special effects can even transform the everyday normal activities into creative and innovative actions.                               LIKE video APP
  3. The Magic Effects: Along with offering the 3D magic effects, the app also makes it easy to use the normal magic effects for creating impressive videos within no time. The app makes the use of effects like frozen, heart, ice butterfly, laser eye for adding the distinguishing factor to the videos. You can also edit your other videos and can add these amazing effects to them to make them cooler.                                      LIKE App
  4. Playing with Music: The app's feature of lip sync on your favorite music has become a hit. The music library of the app with the music of all the genres makes the lip sync on the favorite music a fun filled activity.                                                                                                                        LIKE APP
  5. Beauty Effects: If you want a glowing appearance while making your videos then this app is the right choice for you. The app is full of many beautiful effects that can give you the glowing look anytime and anywhere.                                                                                                                                LIKE APP
  6. The LIKE Community: The LIKE community, you can discover many amazing, cool and best LIKE videos. You too can make your LIKE video featured in the community and make the world know about your creative side of talents. You can make many new friends from the community. Isn't it superb?                                                                                                                              LIKE APP community
  7. Multi-Language: The availability of the app in more than 23 languages is another addition in the feature list. The app supports many languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Indonesia, Portuguese, etc. Language is no more a barrier in the fun you can have with this app.


The app is truly amazing for having a fun time along with adding never ending imaginations and magic effects in the videos. The app is available in the leading app stores for both the Android and iOS users.

Don't wait any longer and take a dip in the excitement and fun by using the app. The fun never ends with LIKE.

All Android users can download LIKE app , While for the iOS users you can also download LIKE app iOS easily.

  • Speed and Performance - 88%
  • Navigation & Functions - 88%
  • Graphics & Special Effects - 88%
  • APP Memory Consumption - 88%
  • Music & Video Collection - 88%


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LIKE APP Magical effect
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