How to control YouTube streaming resolution or size when toggle to Full screen

Updated on: January 8, 2021

YouTube is one of the leading video broadcasting platform on internet cloud.most of peoples like to watch videos on YouTube. Size of videos  may vary accordingly, if you want to play videos consistently then you must have good internet connection upto be 4Mbps,thenonly you realize good quality of audio/video.

But in India we don't have such good connectivity yet,some ISP(internet Service Provider) are providing 16MB/s but it is too costly.Average internet users in India having up-to 512kbps-2MB/s connection which is not feasible to watch HD videos on YouTube or in any streaming services.

Actually I am having  up-to 4Mbps broadband connectivity,most of time I watch many videos on YouTube but during the streaming when I toggle it to Full Screen then it automatically changes its resolution to higher frame rates e.g 360p to 420p which enable to increase of data traffic and YouTube deletes video buffer and it starts streaming all over again.

So after long search out I came to know how to handle this situation,for that do below steps

Step1: You must Register to YouTube and then Login to YouTube

Step2: Go to Account settings and choose Playback Setup and select option  “I have a slow connection. Never play higher-quality video.”

Thats it ,your job is completed, now its time of YouTube  to handle your settings  🙂 ,but remember this works only when you are LOGIN otherwise it won't !!!

Note: Remember this is not a problem/bug in YouTube it is facility given by the YouTube to user when they switch from small screen to full screen.It happen because we need to maintain quality of video on full screen.

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