How to use Whatsapp AI Chatbot & Get access to Meta AI?

Updated on: December 9, 2023

Are you tired of sending boring messages on WhatsApp? You can add more creativity to your chats using WhatsApp's new AI chatbot feature! This fantastic feature lets you create unique, personalized images and texts within your chats. So no need to use any stock images or 3rd party apps. It's something AI is built for.

How to get access to the Meta AI chatbot for WhatsApp?

Right now, it's only available for selected users in the USA. Whatsapp AI image chatbot feature currently only supports English language prompts and is still under development. Fortunately, I got a chance to use this feature on my WhatsApp number. If you are looking for access, I highly recommend becoming a BETA tester for WhatsApp, or you can simply ask your friend who received access to send some prompts using the chatbot to your number.

Once you receive prompts generated by the AI chatbot, you can message the chatbot contact, or you. Receive the message "AI chats aren't available for you yet". It means you have to wait for its rollout.

Note: WhatsApp AI chatbot does not have any mobile number associated with it, as its chatbot is not a mobile number-specific service.

This will help you get its access as early as possible. Meta is planning to roll out globally in 2024, so if you don't have access to Whatsapp AI chatbot, you can wait for Q1 of 2024.

How to use WhatsApp's AI Image Generator Chatbot

1. Start by opening the chat where you want to send the AI-generated image.
2. Type "@" in the message field to access the available options.Whatsapp AI prompt options chatbot
3. Among the options that appear, select "Meta AI." This will activate the AI assistant.

Whatsapp AI text prompt chatbot
4. In the message field, type "/imagine" followed by a detailed description of the image you want to create. The more specific your prompt, the better the AI will be able to understand your desired image.

Whatsapp AI image prompt chatbot
5. Once you're satisfied with your prompt, click "Send" to let the AI work its magic!
6. WhatsApp will display a "Loading..." message while the AI generates your image. After a few seconds, the generated image will be displayed, and you can preview it before sending it to your chat partner.

Here are some tips to get the most out of the AI image generator

Please consider the following options for better results from a chatbot.

1. Use descriptive words & phrases to clearly describe what you want the AI to create

Please refer below image, which I created using the same prompt, and meta AI always provides a variety of images against them.

Meta AI Whatsapp Images Watermark-2
2. Include relevant keywords in your prompt to help the AI generate your desired image

You must feed proper keywords to AI if you are looking for precise output. This will help to generate the desired images you are looking for within the Whatsapp chatbot.

3. Don't be afraid to experiment with different prompts and see what the AI comes up with. The possibilities are endless!

All AI models are trained to handle complex operations, so make sure you input heterogeneous conditions like your desired language tone, genre & length of your output, etc.

4. Let your imagination run wild!

Human imagination is a powerful and unique way to grow our species, but for AI, it's not true as of now. All models only imagine if you give them proper direction & up to their current data knowledge. So understand LLM and handle them like you handle a child at your home.

Meta generative AI whatsapp

Privacy, data Safety & Watermarks of WhatsApp AI chatbot by Meta

Meta claims they don't store any kind of data that users use for prompts & output. So, it's utterly secure with end-to-end encryption. Also, all images have watermarks, mentioning that they are AI-generated images. You can't generate any type of NSFW content as Meta AI adheres to responsible AI  policies for internet safety and security.


WhatsApp's AI image generator can help you express yourself more effectively and add a personal touch to your chats. It can also help you stand out from other users and spark conversations. It has significant applications, especially for B2C & B2B businesses. You can utilize the power of AI while interacting with your customers and stakeholders via WhatsApp.  Let us know what you think about this new AI chatbot within your WhatsApp.

Meta AI Whatsapp Images Watermark
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