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Updated on: May 10, 2017

What is Traffic Junky ?

Traffic Junky is the ad network that manages the advertising on highly trafficked tube sites and is considered as one of the leading online Ad Network that offers Advertisers with large volume of good quality web, mobile and tablet traffic. Traffic Junky help publishers to maximize their online inventory revenue and helps you tap in the right traffic source for your business. Traffic Junky provides a versatile, intelligent CPM-based advertising platform which facilitates advertisers and publishers alike to achieve their e-marketing goals. With more than 3 billion web, mobile and tablet ad impressions served to 150 million daily visitors, Traffic Junky offers advertisers extensive reach to their target audience. Their cost is 90% cheaper than Google AdWorks and Facebook Ads.


Benefits of using Traffic Junky

Traffic Junky provides you with several amazing benefits that might help you to earn the extra income. Some of them are detailed below:

  1. Account security
  2. Brand protection
  3. Having your ads seen locally or globally
  4. Measurable, accountable and flexible campaigns
  5. Help you to reach the right audience at the right time

Traffic Junky secures your account, brand and the private company’s information. For this reason they offer a Two factor Authentication called as TFA for the account settings. So, if there has been a change in your profile, then the TFA will be triggered and you will be notified immediately by SMS as well as Email service.

The campaigns, content and company is kept safe from the hackers. There are so many factors that account for keeping your brand name safe. These include factors like: extraordinary unparalleled IP diversity, powerful preventative threat intelligence at a scale, revolutionary automated deactivation and easy customer success.

Become an Advertiser with Traffic Junky

The self- serve interface, advanced targeting options, CPM bidding platform and highly trafficked publisher sites makes Traffic Junky an award- winning combination. Traffic Junky helps you run a successful marketing campaign for your online ecommerce business. You can design you own campaigns, upload your banners, select a site and placement, follow up on your own ROI, and also engage your audiences.

According to the statistics, there are over 25 premium publishers to choose from and over 2,000 publisher sites that have been manually reviewed in their RON. Apart from this, they offer access to over 20 affiliate programs with some of the most competitive pay-out options.

Become a publisher with Traffic Junky

By joining Traffic Junky, your approved sites and spots become a part of Traffic Junky’s Run of Network (RON) which allows thousands of Advertisers to display their ads on your website. The publishers working with Traffic Junky are given flexible and serving platform where the publishers can buy traffic on the website.

Being a publisher you have the features like adding your own site to the network, creating your own spots, claiming the ownership of your site and embedding of the invocation codes to your site once you have been verified. Also, you can publish your website and monetize your content today using the premium publishes usage. The statistics show an impressive one per spot and per site as their publishers are aimed at extracting the maximum earnings by date, time and spots that are readily available to you.

Traffic Junky support publishers from variety of horizons and anyone can start meeting people to earn the expectations and experiences. You can get the most out of your web assets and even maximize your Ad Revenue potential. The traffic Junky works on performance basis of your website and RON algorithm are based on clicks and conversion rates for your sites.

Sign Up

You can see all the details about Traffic Junky here ,you can reach their most ambitious online marketing goals by doing signup with them on the site, where you have the option to sign up using Google, PayPal or either you can register as a advertiser or a publisher.

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