End to End Network Planning & Consolidation for Standalones & Mergers/Acquisitions

Updated on: December 20, 2021

All telecommunications operators know that efficient network planning is essential, whether the network in question is a standalone or a more complex merger and acquisition project is underway. In both cases, the way forward is to deploy a network management consolidation and planning system.

What does network consolidation do?

In essence, telecom consolidation assists operators in all planning and consolidation processes, especially in mergers. and acquisitions. Crucially, network management consolidation software can get M&A activities underway even while the operators involved are awaiting the green light from the appropriate telecommunications licensing authorities. This is because the leading network consolidation solutions manage data access rights, keeping sensitive information belonging to all parties isolated until formal permission for a merger or acquisition is granted.

What to look for in a network management consolidation package

The above-mentioned data access management tool is just one of the essential functionalities to look for in a network consolidation solution.

In addition, you should ask your provider about customizing and tailoring the solution for different use cases. If your network management consolidation software is modular by design, this makes it highly customizable, especially in terms of workflows. You should be asking for easily configurable business processes to help manage, track and report on workflow. As a minimum, modules should handle resource and network inventory, the radio, transport, and core network planning framework, a geographical information system, mediation, and reporting – as well as business process management.

Flexibility is another important functionality of telecom consolidation software.

We’ve already mentioned that the right solution will allow you to get moving while awaiting official approval for your project, but the agility of the software shouldn’t end there. It needs to help you plan networks regardless of technology and should be future-proofed so that you are ready for whatever comes after 5G. It must also give integration and extension options, and be able to synchronize automatically with your other OSS tools.

Finally, let’s not forget the importance of monitoring and reporting. Ask your network consolidation solution provider whether it’s possible to gain an overview or deep-drill picture of exactly what’s going on at any time and whether the information is provided in a simple, human-readable format that makes it easy to measure progress against KPIs. If they say no… it’s probably not the solution you are looking for.

End to End Network Planning
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