Top Cheap Proxies For YouTube with High-Quality to Unblock Videos

Updated on: November 6, 2023

If you’re the type of person who travels a lot or lives in a country with a lot of restrictions on the internet, it makes sense to have knowledge of proxies for YouTube. These proxies will work as a cloaking tool that is quite effective at what it does.

Now, since the YouTube platform is the gold standard for delivering high-quality user-generated content for free, it’s hard for internet users to stay away from it. So, if you are having a hard time and lack access to a VPN service, a mere proxy should get things moving in the right direction.

We've done a lot of research over the past couple of weeks to develop a list of proxies for YouTube that are quite affordable for the common man.

What is a proxy server?

A proxy server is a computer or software that acts as an intermediary between a client and a server. It first receives requests from the client and then forwards them to the server. In some situations, it will return cached responses if they are available. Furthermore, a proxy server is capable of providing several benefits such as filtering, privacy, security, and improving performance,.

  1. Oxylabs
  2. IPRoyal
  3. TheSocialProxy
  4. SmartProxy
  5. Shifter

1. Oxylabs

Our first pick here is a tool known as Oxylabs, and it comes packed with a superb data center along with over 100 million residential proxies. Because of this, we view Oxylabs as one of the best proxies for YouTube.

When it comes down to cost, it's not bad as the service begins at $10 per gigabyte for pay-as-you-go. With this, folks will get up to 50GB per month, and if that's not enough then understand the cost can go up to $600 per month for a maximum of 86GB. However, if you want to text before going all in, then take advantage of the 7-day trial. Furthermore, this company is slowly becoming one of the most well-known tech companies due to its ability to extract data on a large scale, and webpage crawling.

Visit Oxylabs

Pros Cons
Over 100 million residential proxies Enterprise proxy cost is quite expensive.
Enterprise proxies are available as well.  
Gain access to mobile and shared data center proxies  

2. IPRoyal

Folks who aren’t new to the proxy scene may have heard of IPRoyal. The service, from our point of view, is very compelling and works wonderfully with YouTube. Furthermore, users can expect automatic IP rotation along with sticky proxies for a better experience.

Interestingly enough, users can monetize their idle resources through a feature known as IPRoyal Pawns. We can say for certain that this feature is very unique, and up to the time of writing, no other proxy provider has delivered something similar.

While we do like what IPRoyal has to offer, we must say the smaller IP pool is not something we are quite fond of. You see, a small IP pool can affect the user experience overall, though the platform makes it possible for users to gain access to proxy list generation directly from the dashboard.

Overall, outside of the key proxy features for YouTube lovers, it must be said that 24/7 live chat customer support, along with great device compatibility are our favorite offerings from IPRoyal.

Visit IPRoyal

Pros Cons
Automatic IP rotation 2 million residential proxies
Can make money from idle resources  
24/7 live chat customer support  

3. TheSocialProxy

Want proxies for YouTube via a mobile device? Well, that’s where TheSocialProxy comes into play. The service provides high-quality 5G and 4G mobile private proxies, which are designed for social media automation.

This platform stands out from the others due to its multilocation feature and its ability to allow users to bypass geo restrictions with relative ease. Also, the learning curve for knowing how to use the features is quite simple since only a few clicks of the mouse is required.

Unfortunately, potential users are asked to pay the full price to gain access to the multilocation feature. But worry not, if you’re not into multilocation at this time then please take advantage of the free trial that spans 3 days.

And you will want to because TheSocialProxy provides unlimited bandwidth to all of its paying customers because the monthly charge is not cheap. Still, it depends on the location of the proxy, so if you want a more affordable option, then avoid the USA options from the Region Selection dropdown menu.

Visit the official website.

Visit SocialProxy

Pros Cons
5G & 4G mobile private proxies. Very expensive
Free trial  
Unlimited bandwidth  

4. SmartProxy

Those who are interested in proxies for YouTube that are available in 195 locations should give SmartProxy a test drive. It’s a powerful tool as it offers an impressive 40 million+ high-quality residential IPs. The average load time is around 0.5 seconds, which makes it one of the best proxies for YouTube for those who want access to international content.

There is a feature called Smart Wallet, and it was designed to streamline payment management. With support that is available throughout the entire day, it is safe to say SmartProxy takes its customers very seriously

Unfortunately, this service does not come packed with ISP proxies, and not only that, its data center IP does not have locations. Still, with great performance and impressive features, we suspect most users will not have many issues.

Visit the official website.

Get SmartProxy

Pros Cons
40 million+ high-quality residential IPs No support for ISP proxies
Smart Wallet feature Data center IP does not have locations
The average load time is around 0.5 seconds  
Available in 195 locations around the world  

5. Shifter

If you’ve been a long user of internet proxies, then chances are you’ve heard of Microleaves. Well, the name has since changed to Shifter, but despite this, the service is still up there with the best of them. You see, Shifter has one of the largest proxy networks right now with an IP pool surpassing 26 million. With this large number of IPs, Shifter is probably the most robust option on this list.

One of the features we like from Shifter is one that ensures the users' internet connection remains active all the time, regardless of bandwidth usage.

Get Shifter

There are some problems some users may encounter. For example, some users spoke about errors with connections and slow connection speeds when compared to the competition. As it stands, then, users who prefer speed over everything else may not feel at home, but if you're not in that camp, then Shifter is more than good enough.

How do I use a proxy to increase YouTube views?

If you want to increase your view count on YouTube, you will need to use several different proxies, and we do mean a lot of them. This is because YouTube will only count one view from a single IP address, therefore, we suggest trying a proxy hub website such as since it comes with many proxies from different locations around the world.

What type of proxy is the fastest?

Data center proxies are usually located in remote servers of a data center, which means, they have a few advantages over other types of proxies. For example, they have faster speeds and improved performance. The faster speed has much to do with the high-speed connections the data center brings to the table.

Best Cheap YouTube Proxies

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