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Updated on: July 28, 2016

Phone in hand, ready to play - do you open an app or do you head to your browser? That is the question now facing gamers of a causal disposition. Wherever we go we see written in big, bold font how amazing gaming apps are, and how it is the future of the industry, and while it does seem to be moving towards that conclusion, is it really the case?


No, is the simple answer. Although mobile games are talked about more widely than web based ones, there are still plenty of users who seek out internet titles rather than those you download or purchase for your console or phone. The reason why they are still so popular, despite all current gaming trends, is because of how accessible and convenient they are; apps are handy, but they can have a lot of hidden issues and fees that makes their appeal sour the longer you play. Browser games, however, involve no downloads, are usually free, are hugely social while offering unique diversity.


As the name so rightly implies, this is a medieval styled fantasy MMO, in which you’re in charge of your own settlement. Not only do you need to watch over your region, but you have to gain experience through battling, and trade with other online players to become a sustainable community. Styled like World of Warcraft meets Farmville, it is a highly addictive activity that appeals to many types of gamers. Unlike apps that require you to have a specific operating system, and/or the latest model of the device, this merely needs users to have a working browser to play in.

maxres gameplay

Online Casinos

These have been part and parcel of the internet for a long time, so, of course, they are an obvious choice when on the lookout for the best web-based titles. When you play to win at Betway Casino or any brand for that matter, you are able to select payment options, create accounts, update information, and play all games available as opposed to app specific ones. A lot of the time there are free play options to select if you want to avoid playing with real cash, and therefore you can’t get sucked into the easy habit of buying without thinking like you do when going through an app store. They are the ideal recreational tool for those who want to be able to walk away from an activity just as easily as they started it. Due to how big websites like this are, no one game can be highlighted as the better.

Little Alchemy

This sounds like a widget you’d find among the top ten mobile games, but it is, in fact, a very relaxed yet enjoyable web browser game that has grown in popularity since its release. An acquired taste though it may be, it stimulates the brain by getting you to create over 400 different types of compound. It won’t exactly grip you or put you on the edge of your seat, but it will provide you with a mentally challenging game that you can enjoy full screen on your laptop, PC or tablet. Little Alchemy delivers everything an app can, yet you aren’t required to use up space for the privilege of playing it.

These are but three of a larger list of web-based games, all of which will play on virtually every device, without the need for passcodes, authorisation, and in-app purchases. They offer a simplicity that is sometimes lacking thanks to the complexities of mobile gaming. And while little can be decided in the way of what browser game is the best, you’re sure to find plenty of good ones on your journey.

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