How iPad Apps can Revolutionize the NYC Taxi Experience

Updated on: January 12, 2019

The iPad is a wonderful 21st century concept device that combines the power of portable laptop computers using adsl2+ and smart phones into a compact and highly convenient interface that, according to the late Steve Jobs, founder and ex-CEO of Apple Inc., will revolutionize the way we interact with our environment. And among its numerous accolades Time Magazine selected it as one of the 50 best inventions of 2010.

That’s is quite an impressive list of accomplishments for this amazing invention, which provides great size, durability, sharp high definition display and an amazing battery life. But the real charm of the iPad does not lie in its ability to stream high definition movies from Netflix or play fancy video games but a diverse array of innovative applications that are available for use especially for those living around Wi-Fi hot spots or in large cosmopolitan cities. As one prominent technology specialist said “It’s in the software, stupid”! The real charm of the iPad lies with its practicality for city dwellers.

One such experience is the ability to hail a taxi without shouting on top of your lungs or waving your arms around frantically on a typical rush hour that large cities are notorious for. A revolutionary application for smart phones and tablet PCs, like the iPad and the iPhone, comes in the form of a virtual taxi renting system called GetTaxi.

GetTaxi, which has already done very well in countries like UK, Russia and Israel, is now planning to expand. A testament to the potential for this amazing application becomes apparent when its CEO Jing Wang Herman announced that investors are putting in $20 million for its planned launch for New York City.

GetTaxi offers a simple and easy way to navigate interface for ordering a cab electronically through any computing device such as a laptop or a smartphone. When the order is placed the nearest cab driver also using a GetTaxi application is notified that a person is waiting at a specific location. The driver can then go and collect the passenger. The passengers can even track their taxis making their way to them through GPS tracking on the cell phones.

New York City Taxi Cab GetTaxi Service

The rollout of this taxi ordering system seems only a matter of time since New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) is now looking for companies like GetTaxi who can add a source of revenue to the exchequer. Herman says that New York City is one of the priority list of future markets for the company. In an interview Herman said “Our users will be able to easily and securely book a taxi in one click. In five years, the taxi experience won’t look anything like it does today.”

GetTaxi’s operation is quit efficient. Rather than having its own fleet of taxis and drivers it will compliment already established taxi services of New York City except the Yellow Cab, which for the time being is prohibited by law to use radio devices. However, for the private services using the GetTaxi interface will have their drivers trained by the company on how to use the application and provide a proper customer experience. Customer services will be open 24/7 to register any suggestions, complaints and quality control. Herman said that in some countries GetTaxi has changed the mindset of the people towards taxi drivers. She recalls in incident where a GetTaxi Driver called a passenger to inform her of an item she had accidentally left inside the taxi as the company had her contact details. The item was swiftly returned to its rightful owner.

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But the scope of services for GetTaxi does not end here. According to the company a passenger may for instance order a cab under a company or a family account. Making the service even more innovative is that it can be used by multiple passengers at the same time. For instance, if the driver knows that there are a couple of passengers waiting in an area to travel to the same destination they can share the taxi.

A very energetic CEO, Herman plans to travel around New York in her own taxi that she is licensed for and give free rides to people while at the same time taking their feedback share thoughts and ideas.  Find more on adsl2+ here

GetTaxi app is now available for may other devices like Android,Blackberry and Symbain

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