Comparison : iPhone vs iPad Which is Better Choice?

Updated on: May 18, 2013

The popularity of Apple's tablet is clearly not in doubt. Recent sales figures of the new iPad prove that millions of people around the world see it as an essential gadget. It's also easier than ever to get cheap ipad 2 slate as well, which of course increases the distribution of the iPad even further.Interestingly though, not everyone is in a rush to buy one. Some people appear to prefer the iPhone as their gadget of choice, partly (it seems) because it can be less expensive.The iPhone can also be enhanced by countless exciting apps. Of course this raises an interesting question: why bother to get an iPad when you can get an iPhone instead?ipad-vs-iphone

1. To begin with, there are obvious similarities. If you've ever owned or used both of these gadgets, you'll be aware that they allow you to do many of the same things surf the net, watch videos, check your email and so on and so forth. This is part of the reason why some people initially said the iPad was just a large iPhone.

2. So, why might you want to get an iPad if you already own an iPhone? One good reason is the bigger screen. If you're interested in watching videos or playing games, the chances are that you'll prefer a bigger screen. It's simply more enjoyable to do those things on the larger display of the iPad.

3. It's not just about recreational activities, though. Another advantage of having a larger display is that you can more easily check out the details on a map. It's not much fun having to peer at your iPhone and squint to see the streets. On the other hand, the 9.7" display on the iPad makes things much more visible and simply enhances the viewing experience.


4. Of course, there's a downside to the larger screen, namely the obvious increase in size and weight. True, the iPad is rightly known as a lightweight tablet. True, it's a lot lighter than many laptops on the market. But it can't compare with an iPhone in terms of portability. So if you want to watch your movies and play your games on a bigger screen, you'll have to put up with a slightly greater load. Holding the iPad in your hand for hours can get a little tiring. On the
other hand, you can hold your iPhone for as long as you want without noticing any strain or discomfort whatsoever.

5. Let's look at two other factors, one in favor of the iPad and the other in favor of the iPhone. First, there's battery life. Generally speaking, the iPad has the edge over the iPhone in this department. You can watch videos, do your email and even omit to charge the battery and you should still be fine for a whole day's use on your iPad. With the iPhone, on the other hand, you have to be a little more careful about usage. Browsing the internet or playing games for hours will certainly drain the batter faster than you'd like. In this respect, therefore, the iPad has the edge.

6. On the other hand, there's the wonderful Siri. No version of the iPad (not even the "new iPad") currently comes with Siri. So if you're interested in using your device as a voice-controlled assistant, you'll prefer the iPhone to the iPad. That's not to say that Apple won't release an iPad with Siri at some point in the future. But right now, it's the iPhone 4S (not the iPad) that lets you use your voice to schedule meetings, set reminders and more besides.

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Hopefully this article has helped you compare the iPad and the iPhone and decide which is right for you. Clearly each one has its pros and cons. Instead of declaring that one is better than the other, perhaps we should simply say that each of these gadgets has its own uses.Kindly share your review.Which one you prefer to buy?

iphone vs ipad
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