Examples of Profitable Segments within the Growing Online Casino Market

Updated on: May 20, 2020

The growth of the Indian online casino market has been rapid during the last decade. Many have accredited this growth to the digital revolution in India which started in 2014. India since then has seen a rise in the use of mobile devices and the internet across the country. This has provided an avenue for many Indians to access casino games online without having to visit a physical casino.

Thus, the online casino market has contributed largely to the rising worth of the overall gaming Industry. The current worth of the gaming industry is over 60 billion INR. Industry experts have further predicted that the value will grow to over 250 million INR in the next five years. This seems very possible as many more people are investing in online gambling and casinos.

Investors are joining the different segments of the online casino market to make more money. Some of the segments like affiliation are easier and cheaper to set up but they also don’t always make so much. Other areas of the industry like software development may not be easy to set up but would bring you more profit. 

Starting An Online Casino Site

There are already several online casinos that accept Indian players but players are still looking for new casinos to join. This is because players love to enjoy the benefits and promotions offered by the different casinos. Thus, they always try games from time to time on different casinos.

Even though you don’t need much expertise to start this, there are important steps to take. One of the first steps you’ll have to take is getting a license. This is so important as the license of a casino is what many regular players check before playing games. It is also illegal to start an online casino without being licensed. You can read more about the Indian gambling regulation here.

However, gambling is still considered illegal in India despite the boom of online gambling. Casinos are allowed in only three states: Goa, Daman, and Sikkim. Online gambling only thrives because the casino sites are not based in India.

You’ll also have to take some other steps like deciding how to build your gaming casino. You have to choose a good CMS, players management system, games software, payment system, and lots more. Then, you’ll have to partner with the game software developers to run their games on your online casino. This can be referred to as the technical aspect of online casinos. But it doesn’t end here, you still have to deal with planning, marketing, and budgeting.

Starting An Affiliate Site

A gambling affiliate site is relatively easy to start and is also profitable. The basic requirement for an affiliate site is a good website CMS, great content and excellent online marketing. Affiliate sites mainly provide reviews about games, casinos, and game providers. Then, they send traffic to online casino sites. They get a commission whenever a player directed from the site joins and plays on the casino.

It might not be as easy as it seems though. There is still some amount of work to put in. You need to join a reliable Casino affiliate network and learn how it works. Then, you find out what the commission is and how payment is made.

Most times, the commission offered by the casinos is between 25% to 30% of players’ stakes. But if you send high volume traffic and generate plenty of traffic for the casino, you could be paid higher.

You don’t have to possess many technical skills to run your affiliate website. You can always hire freelancers to do some of the jobs for you. But you’ll then have to invest in quality content and search engine optimization. 

Pioneer An iGaming Studio

This is the aspect of the industry that requires more knowledge and work. It requires the efforts of trained experts to do this. The iGaming studios develop the games and develop the platform through which the casino sites can run the games.

There are hundreds of iGaming studios currently, with thousands of casino games available. Many of these studios develop different casino games including slots, blackjack, roulette, card games, E-sports, Pokers, etc. They also provide the platforms for Live Casino games and own their studios where the live games are streamed from.

These games are released in their hundreds yearly. This provides a wide range of choice for casino game players. But new gaming companies can focus more on slot games as there are still many themes and designs to explore.

iGaming studios also need licenses and regulations. Many of them operate under more than one license to enable them to operate in different regions of the world.


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