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Updated on: July 30, 2020

Games are part of every country’s culture, it is an identity to a nation. At some point, gamers get popular because of their online game's community. Before there only a few countries who can afford to have a good place to hold a game, however in this generation it is not a problem anymore. Today there are various ways to watch movies, play games online. Unlike before that people need to buy CD’s, rent a copy and go to far places out of curiosity to a particular movie or games.

But, nowadays mobile phones, PC, computer, and tablets can be a tool. Developer offers every individual across the border the perks of having different application today to play games, to watch anytime and anywhere. It is always an advantage to live in this generation where products of technology lead the world.

Google Stadia will allow an individual to play games through any location, any device irrespective of its hardware configuration. It is well developed by smart Google Developers. This Google Stadia has the capacity of streaming video games for 4k resolution and 60 frames per second with the support of the dynamic range also. The best thing about Google Stadia is it ensures that there could be a lot of changes and enhancement on how to play games, bought, shared and most especially developed.

Stadia tries to solve the different technical problems by giving the people the split-screen play and the platform-agnostic. This only means that an individual is allowed to share gameplay during game sessions using Google Stadia. Also, it has a wider broad in order to reach the YouTube subscriber.

7 Features of Google Stadia

1. Play from Anywhere without Any  Hardware Acceleration

It has a “Next Gen” gaming feature, in ensuring that you can enjoy playing different games online they offer from any device without considering its hardware configuration. This is to improve the size, scope, and also the visual fidelity of different online games.Google Stadia Data Center

Next-gen gaming feature will ensure every individual who loves to play online games, and watching games enjoy and will appreciate Google Stadia even more. This is an implementation of technology today that keeps moving game enthusiastic to explore the power of cloud computing

2. Google Stadia & Latency

Stadia is compatible with any screen. It is the Google who do the computing in the cloud, which involves using the controller and also the keyboard inputs. Stadia can perform well and if you are having a game trailer available in your browser screen then you can play a game directky via Stadia. However, if you want to play using Stadia cloud platform you need a high-speed internet it can be on desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets as well as the televisions via Chromecast. Google stadia can maintain the quality of feed, that you can enjoy games anywhere and anytime.

3. Provision to have Stadia Game Developer Community

When we say the High-end AAA games, then all HQ games like Doom Eternal can run on Google Stadia. It was the one Google showcased during Stadia launched. Google used Ubisoft’s performance metric to understand the gameplay of Google Stadia. It helps to give a great impression to Google stadia. During testing of Google Stadia using Ubisoft’s, it has been able to run games at 1080p resolution at up to 60.


4. Google Stadia Controller & Google Assistant for Help

The controller has different amazing features. This includes the fact that it can be connected to WI-Fi and it will automatically reflect the cloud server and will utilize input lag.

Stadia Walkthrough

Another is that it has a capture button, this also serves for a great experience in watching or streaming on YouTube and to a Google Assistant button that can trigger microphone features built in by different great Developers in the world.

5. Live Game Streaming within Gaming Circle

Cool social perks, cloud computing is not enough in order to deliver great and powerful content. Hence, with the help of this, it also delivers new social features, an implication that there is a big innovation with Google Stadia to offer the people.

Live Stream Stadia

Another is the state share, this feature is also to experience the perks of Google Stadia, as it can capture a moment from the game and can share it or send it via a link other people. You can always save every moment in the game and then back again.

6. Exclusive Games Store

Google Stadia games are exclusive, based on the announcement done by Google which is giving or to release Games playable via stadia. It is because Google has a lot of partners as their sources to offer different games.

But, just like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, Google also settles its own in-house shop this is to produce only and exclusive games. This is also to create various original games that can help their partners with regards to their innovations and optimization for the platform.

7. Play at anywhere any time, its Netflix for Gaming

It’s a service like Youtube or Netflix. It allows you to play and have the freedom to choose what games you want to explore. The best way to use this Google stadia accurately and properly is by your own solid internet connection.

You can always have the option where do you want to play a specific game, who do you want to play with and most especially you have the freedom to decide when do you want to play. The best thing about this Google Stadia is giving the people the perks of living this era of technology. It is proof that everything is possible today, this gaming revolution will leave a great image and marked to the people in the future.

Stadia Data center node

Google Stadia Release Date

Google Stadia is expected to get released by the end of this year. It has always a big impact on the image of Google once it is launch.

Google Stadia Price

Stadia price is really questionable as Google failed to comments on it. We are expecting a subscription-based cloud gaming service from Stadia but its still mystery as many said they may offer pay per game purchase. We can keep you posted about its stadia price announcement from Google

Google Stadia Controller
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