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Best iPhone Apps Recommended for Professional Bloggers

iphone4s best apps


Being a professional blogger means always having access to your blog and tools to make blogging easier. IPhone users truly have it made because there are a number of wonderful apps that make their job even easier. Whether you want to alter photos immediately or keep up with ideas, “there’s an app for that”. Here are just five cool iPhone apps for professional bloggers.

iphone4s best apps

iphone4s best apps


Following are some iPhone apps that can help the professional bloggers to avail the various services remotely

Idea Organizer –

iphone Idea Organizer

iphone Idea Organizer

Any professional writer will tell you how fleeting ideas can be. With Idea Organizer, you’ll never lose another idea. Not only does the app allow you to quickly jot down, or record, ideas, but you can even link photos to ideas. You can also share your ideas with other people, link recorded memos to your ideas and put your ideas in a certain order.


Blogger – Free

Iphone Blogger apps

Iphone Blogger apps

One of the most popular blog hosts, Blogger is finally available for iPhone users. The app allows you to take pictures or upload them from your gallery, write posts to post or save for later and add labels and your location. You can also view your published and saved posts. This is a great way to get an idea completed when it’s fresh on the brain.


Adobe Photoshop Express – Free

iphone Adobe Photoshop Express apps

iphone Adobe Photoshop Express

Being able to edit pictures on the fly makes it much easier to work anywhere. Adobe Photoshop Express may be a free app, but it allows you to make some great changes to photos. You can make basic changes, such as cropping, or add borders. You can also purchase additional features that reduce noise in the pictures and allow you to quickly review your shots.


Domainr – Free

iphone Domainr apps

iphone Domainr apps

As a professional blogger, you probably have several blogs and more brewing on the back burner. Wouldn’t it be great to quickly check the availability of a domain name for free? That’s exactly what this app offers. With Domainr, you can sort through hundreds of domains to make sure your domain name is unique.


PayPal – Free

iphone PayPal apps

iphone PayPal apps

You’re blogging for a living, right? Then why not check the status of those payments from anywhere? The PayPal app is extremely easy to use and allows quick access to funds, even if you’re not a commercial finance genius. You can easily send money to you bank account, check the history of payments and pay a friend that you owe him.

There are literally hundreds of apps that professional bloggers can benefit from, whether you need to find IT staff augmentation services to help with your site development or find a better way to track your work – but it all boils down to what you need while away from home. If you have time to write blog posts, use the Blogger app. If you just need a quick way to keep up with ideas, Idea Organizer is the app for you. Regardless of which apps you use, be sure to give the free ones a try. After all, what have you got to lose?

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  • Gaurang Dec 9,2011 at 1:53 am

    Great apps for bloggers…and the best part is they are almost free….

    • Saurabh Dec 9,2011 at 12:32 pm

      Yes Gaurang ,they really help us .!!!

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