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How to Send SMS through Java code in Windows


Now a days SMS is major interactive thing in major mobile application development platform like Android, IOS, Blackberry, Symbain & Bada etc. Developers are re-imagine the way of SMS used previously. So intelligent auto sender SMS apps like ebuddy XSMS, Nimbuzz makes peoples life easier. Now a days SMS is nothing but day to day notification service. If you are a developer then here is a good chance to explore your idea using sms.For this you don’t require to BUY SMS gateways and all.You can use your mobile as middleware to avail free SMS sending service. All actions will be taken from your cell phone & you will  charge only according to your carrier SMS rates 🙂

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Android Development Tutorials

Android Operating System:Overview Of Manifest File,Intent,Intent Filters,Activities & tasks,Launch modes,Stack,Process &Threads


Introduction To Android Part II:

In last tutorial we covered the basic architecture of android and the workflow of  Android mobile OS.

Let’s talk about Manifest File, Intent,  Intent Filters, Activities and tasks, Launch modes, Stack, Process and Threads.

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Android Development Tutorials

[Tutorial Part:1] Introduction To Android Mobile Operating System

Android Tutorials

Hi friends, from now onwards we are going to start our new Android tutorial section, hope you will enjoy it !!! Please put your suggestions and question w.r.t our new ‘Tutorials  Section’, we are happy to hear from you !!!

 “Android is a comprehensive open source platform designed for mobile devices”.

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