AI Baby Face Generator: How Your Future Child Look Like?

Updated on: October 27, 2023

As a parent, anticipating your baby’s facial appearance is one of the best things you can do. Thanks to AI, you can know how your future child will look like using an AI baby face generator. In this article, I will highlight different AI tools you can use to generate your future baby face instantly.

These tools use the latest AI technology, like deep learning algorithms, to generate almost real pictures of your baby's face. You don't have to be a pro or expert to use these AI generators. All you need is your face and that of your partner.

Is there an app to guess what your baby will look like?

Yes. Several AI baby, face generator apps predict what your unborn baby will look like. For example, you can try AIBabyGenerator, Remini, etc. We will look at these tools shortly. These apps might not be 100% accurate, but they can give you a glimpse of what your baby will look like. The baby's facial appearance depends on many other factors, like genes, which AI generators don't factor in scientifically. They generate baby face photos based on the facial appearance of the parents.

Best AI baby face generators to predict how your future child will look like?

You can use AI baby face generators for fun, to prank someone, or for any other reason. If you are a parent or just curious about how your future child will look like, you can try the following AI baby face generators:

  1. AI baby generator
  2. Remini Baby AI Filter
  3. Baby-AC
  4. OurBabyAI
  5. Baby Maker: Baby Generator App

Let us now see these tools in detail.

1. AI baby generator - Your baby face predictor

AI Baby Face Generator: How Your Future Child Look Like

AI Baby Generator is one of the most popular apps for generating future baby faces. According to the tool's developer, it is able to produce hyper-realistic baby face pictures with up to a 93% facial match rate. To generate AI baby face images, all you need to do is upload the parent's pictures, and the results will be sent to you within 24 hours. Each photo is manually reviewed to ensure that the best quality and match are met.

Depending on the package you select, the images may be of the highest quality, such as HD. The tool offers three packages you pay for on a one-time basis, not a subscription. It will cost you $9 for the Basic, $17 for the Premium, and $27 for the Deluxe.


  • High accuracy percentage
  • High-quality images
  • Different photo variations
  • Baby personality report
  • Easy-to-use tool


  • It might be pricy for some users
  • It takes a bit longer to get results

2. Remini Baby AI Filter

Remini is popular for enhancing videos and images, but recently it introduced a new feature that predicts the facial appearance of your future child. The tool’s feature uses AI technology to analyze the images of the child’s mother and father to determine a possible look for the baby.

The generative AI is only available on mobile, while the photo enhancement is found on the web. Remini has the free version with a watermark on the output photo. The personal plan is $6.99, while the business package is $9.99.


  • You can use the same tool to process the picture even more
  • Quality pictures for your baby's face
  • Lets you upload many photos at once
  • Easy interface for beginners and experts


  • The free version has a watermark on the images
  • Doesn't show packages and pricing before uploading pictures

3. Baby-AC

AI Baby Face Generator: How Your Future Child Look Like

Baby-AC is another popular AI baby face generator that you can use to know what your future child will look like. According to the official website, the tool uses SytleGAN AI technology, which is an extension of the deep learning version. GAN stands for Generative Adversarial Network. This technology enables the tool to learn the characteristics of the parental facial images and generate a high-resolution baby face photo.

Baby-AC also uses the encoding technology known as pixel2Style2pixel which allows the generator to extract photo features at a high speed. This helps users get the results in seconds or a minute.


  • The results are realistic
  • The developer continually updates the app
  • The interface is easy to use
  • You will get results in seconds


  • Some advanced options might not be friendly for some users

4. OurBabyAI

AI Baby Face Generator: How Your Future Child Look Like

OurBabyAI is another AI tool for generating future baby pictures. It uses generative AI algorithms to analyze parental pictures and visually predict future baby faces. To use this tool, you need to send parents photos or 4D images of the baby's ultrasound scan. The AI tool is able to use either of the images to predict what your future child will look like.

There are quite a number of positive reviews from real OurBabyAI users who seem to be impressed by how the tool generates almost correct baby images. Once you send the images, the team starts working on them using the app and sends baby images within a day via email.


  • 90% match rate
  • Results delivered within a day
  • Top-rated at 4.8
  • Great and easy interface for everyone


  • No free or trial version
  • One-day delivery might be longer for some users

5. Baby Maker: Baby Generator App

AI Baby Face Generator: How Your Future Child Look Like

Baby Maker: Baby Generator App is an Android app from the Google Play Store. It's an AI baby face generator that uses generative technology to help potential parents or anyone who wants to see what their baby will look like.

The app uses the most recent AI technology in facial recognition to analyze dad’s and mom’s facial pictures and generate almost accurate baby face photos. The tool has two main features: make a baby and analyze a child. Basically, you can see how your future baby looks, or you can know the percentage of the baby's images compared to the parent's pictures.


  • Easy and simple interface
  • Realistic baby face images
  • You can select different ages of the baby
  • High-quality images with good lighting


  • There are quite a number of in-app purchases

Those are some of the best AI baby face generators you can use to see how your future child will look like. I hope you find one that suits you.

What is the app that shows what your future baby will look like?

There are many apps that show what your future baby will look like. For example, you can predict your baby's face using a tool like OurBabyAI. It's one of the best AI tools online that parents can use to see their future children's faces. Other tools are AI baby generator, Remini Baby AI Filter, Baby-AC, etc.

AI Baby Face Generator: How Your Future Child Look Like?
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