Top 7 AI Lyrics Generator Tools

Updated on: September 19, 2022

AI content generator tools are in vogue thanks to large language models like GPT-3. The advantage of using AI content generators is content creation at high speed, free from plagiarism, and with copyrights given to you automatically. Thus, with no license fees or royalties, you just pay for the subscription of AI content generators. And all the content you generate belongs to you. This setup presents a great opportunity for music enthusiasts. They can benefit from having an AI assistant to help them generate new, original lyrics for their songs. By having to pay no extra license or royalty fees, they can use these AI generated lyrics directly, or as drafts for inspiration. You no longer have to complain about writer's block ever again. AI assistants can easily provide you with a creative boost whenever you need it.

Songwriting 101: Parts of a Song

A typical song is divided into parts like verse, pre-chorus, chorus and bridge. Usually, there are multiple verses and each verse follows the same structure but with unique lyrics. Bridge is a one-time part that appears right before the last chorus. And pre-chorus and chorus are the same and repeated several times. The chorus can be quite catchy and have an easy to remember line called the hook. The hook can also form the song title many time. But, even if you didn't know all that, no worries, because these great AI lyrics generators have your songwriter needs covered.

What are the best AI Songwriter Tools for Music Enthusiastic?

Music enthusiastics worldwide now have the power of free or affordable AI lyrics writer tools. This is a big boon for songwriters who might be struggling with creative inspiration. You can get great sounding original lyrics from these AI songwriter and lyrics generator tools.

1. These Lyrics Do Not Exist

ai lyrics - party happy pop song

"These Lyrics Do Not Exist" (TLDNE) is a free AI songwriter assistant website. It generates entire song structure, with the various song parts, giving it a ready-to-use feel. You can quickly generate a lot of unique and original songs for free. And some of them can actually turn out to pretty good for composing into your next hit song!

How to use the TLDNE AI songwriter tool?

  1. You simply enter a simple song topic, let's say "party" or "reunion" or "love". Don't try complicated concepts like "medulla oblongata" yet. The website will give you an error saying the AI model isn't trained on that topic.
  2. Next you select the genre of the song from these popular options: Country, Metal, Rock, Pop, Rap, EDM.
  3. Finally, select the mood of the song from: very sad, sad, neutral, happy, very happy.
  4. That's all the inputs this tool needs to generate completely new, original song lyrics. The song is conveniently broken into song parts like verses, bridge, prechorus, and chorus. This is great because new songwriters will often be unfamiliar with the peculiar structure of hit songs.
  5. If you like the song already, you've hit the jackpot. But since the service is totally free, you can always hit the regenerate button for alternative new song lyrics. Or try again with a different topic, genre and mood!

ai lyrics - party happy pop song lights out

All-in-all, it is worth a try and you'll have great fun seeing new lyrics. Sometimes you will be surprised by how deep and philosophical some songs are. And other times, it will entertain you because of how funny or silly it is!

2. Jarvis Lyrics

We hope that These Lyrics Do Not Exist free lyrics generator has whetted your songwriting appetite. Because the next stop is a paid tool with a free trial that supports over 40 song genres. And has more input options, which allow you to bring your creativity into the AI songwriting process!

How to use the Jarvis Lyrics AI songwriter tool?

  1. Jarvis Lyrics requires that you register and login with your email address. They will email you a confirmation link. You don't need to provide any credit card details. So their free trial is really free without any catch.
  2. Once you have registered, confirmed, and logged in, you have 20 credits from their free trial. Jarvis Lyrics does not generate entire songs, it generates lyrics for one song part like chorus or verse at a time. This means you can try generating 20 different song parts. You can still generate 4 or 5 songs with the free trial. And if you love the tool, you can buy more credits!

    jarvis lyrics pricing buy credits

  3. Jarvis Lyrics will give you a tooltips-based intro or demo of the various input parameters.
  4. Now let's go over the various lyrics inputs you can provide. All of these are optional, so you can always generate completely random songs with zero inputs. But the more inputs you give, the more control you have over the outputs.
    Artist style, Genre, Year, Title
  5. Firstly, we have the Artist input. If you want the tool to copy the style of any particular famous artist, you enter their name. Or you can leave it blank.
  6. Next, we have the Genre dropdown with over 40 popular song genres. To mention a few: Alternative, Bluegrass, Disco, Folk, Hip-Hop, Jazz and Synthwave.jarvis lyrics 40 genres
  7. Do you know how the style and feel of songs changes over the years and decades? That's exactly why they have the Year input. You can select any year from 1930 to 2019. So if you are looking to time-travel and get some nostalgic ambience in your song from say the 70s, the year input parameter is for you!
  8. Song Title is the next input parameter. You can think of it as the main topic the song is about. So this is a very important input if you are looking for something specific.
    Song Part, Start Lyrics with, Chaos:
  9. As we stated earlier, Jarvis Lyrics does not generate the entire song in one go. One generation, which costs one credit, can only be for a song part. So, Song Part is the next input, where you tell the tool if it is generating the Verse, Chorus, Pre-Chorus or Bridge.
  10. "Start Lyrics with..." input give you the freedom to add your own personal touch to the song. This parameter is again there for you if you want more control over the topic and content of the lyrics.
  11. Lastly, we have the Chaos input slider, which you can think of as creativity power + randomness. Keeping it in the middle is the safe bet to get something likeable but not too unconventional. If you lower it, you will get boring and repetitive lyrics. If you raise it, you could get something totally unique but also it may not make sense, because it is too random. So, choose the Chaos input as per the risks you are willing to take!
  12. Hit the Generate button and enjoy your newly generated song part. Repeat this process to generate the other song parts, and combine these song parts manually to get your new and unique song.jarvis lyrics chorus generation

3. Bored Humans Lyrics Generator

What did you think of the Jarvis Lyrics AI lyrics generator tool? Maybe you liked how customizable and controllable it is. You can give it lots of guidance and affect the kind of lyrics it generates.

Or perhaps you didn't like it for the same reasons. You need a free tool that creates a beautiful new song for you and surprises you. It demands no creative inputs from you and no money either! If so, this free lyrics generator from Bored Humans is perfect for you!

bored humans lyrics generator with a song

How to use the Bored Humans AI lyrics generator tool?

Bored Humans lyrics tool is made from GPT-2 model. It was fine-tuned by training it on a large songs lyrics database. You don't have to provide any inputs or suggestions to this tool. Just click on the Generate Lyrics button to get a new original song! It is totally upto your luck, but being free you can generate as many songs as you like. You will find that many of those match your preferences.

Bored Humans is a compendium of free AI tools websites made for fun! It includes AI generated Anime, Movie Plots, Memes, Product Ideas and Band Names. They also have a heavy metal lyrics generator separately, so if Heavy Metal is your favorite genre, you must try it as well!

bored humans heavy metal lyrics generator with a song

4. Rytr Song Lyrics

What is the trick to crack your search for the perfect AI lyrics writing companion? You need to find a balance between how much creative inputs you can provide and what the output quality of the lyrics is. You also need to consider if the tool is free or paid.

Rytr is a short-form AI writing tool that covers a lot of usecases, from blog post outlines, ads copy, youtube video descriptions, to song lyrics and story plots! And it has a monthly free quota of 10,000 characters. So you can totally use it as a free tool for lifetime if you need to generate small amounts of content.

All the other song lyrics generators support only English. However, Rytr provides you 30+ languages, so that's an added advantage that you must consider.

rytr songs writer AI tool

How to use the Rytr AI song lyrics generator tool?

To generate song lyrics using Rytr, you need to select 4 input parameters:

  1. First, you select the language from the list of 30+ languages supported by Rytr.
  2. Then, you choose the tone for the content, which you can think of as the mood of the song.
  3. Rytr can create many types of content. For your songwriting need, you must select "Song Lyrics" from the Usecase input dropdown.
  4. Lastly, you need to convey the theme, topic or main idea of the song. Enter a short description in the "Song Idea" input box.
  5. When you have selected the proper inputs, just hit the "Ryte for me" button. You are presented with new original song lyrics!
  6. The number of letters/characters present in the lyrics will determine how much of your free 10,000 character quote gets used up by one song generation. You can try to generate as many songs within this limit. If you love the tool and the song outputs, you can consider subscribing for their paid plans.

rytr ai assistant plans

5. Song Lyrics by Masterpiece Generator

masterpiece generator song lyrics genres

Masterpiece Generator is another compendium like the "Bored Humans" collection of free AI content generator tools. It includes tools for generating names, characters, plots, letters, dating profiles, poems, and of course, song lyrics!

Song Lyrics Generator by Masterpiece Generator has plenty of options, like different music genres and artist styles. The website has been divided into many pages for every genre and artist option. And every page has several inputs. So it is not exactly an AI powered lyrics generator using a large language model like GPT. Instead, it seems they have plenty of lyrics templates, and they recycle those templates using your input parameters. In fact, it was launched in 2002, and hence the reason for its old school implementation and design. But that doesn't make it any less fun!

How to use the Song Lyrics Generator tool by Masterpiece Generator?

  1. You can decide the genre of the song, or choose an artist style to begin with. You must select from the options they have provided, so you are limited to that many genres and artists only.
  2. Or, you can use their "Line by Line" lyrics generator if you want more creative control.
  3. The rest of the steps are self-explanatory: When you open any genre or artist page, you will see many input fields. They include the topic of the song, the names of people or things or feelings, and some random inputs as well.
  4. The helpful feature is the "Suggest" button next to every input field. If you are running out of original ideas, you can always hit this button to let the app autofill the input randomly.
  5. Once you have entered all the inputs, just hit the "Write Song" button and an entirely new, original song is presented to you.
  6. You can choose to "publish" the song if you like it. You will get a permanent link to make it easy to share with friends and family.
  7. Or you can discard the song and they will delete it immediately.

masterpiece generator song lyrics artist styles

6. Audoir Lyrics Maker

So far we have seen web-based AI lyrics generators. If you are looking for a mobile app for generating song lyrics, Audoir is for you! Available as both an iOS and Android app, Audoir offers customizability so that you can let your creative inputs guide the AI engine to write awesome songs.

audoir iphone android lyrics maker app

How to use the Audoir app for generating song lyrics?

  1. Install the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. It is free to install, with in-app purchases. You can start using it for free.
  2. Give it the song topic, choose the mood and genre.
  3. You can fine-tune the lyrics by suggesting your own lyrics that it must rhyme with.
  4. You can also choose the number of syllables that should be present in every line. This will help you to generate lyrics to a desired rhythm and length.
  5. The lyrics that Audoir generates can be edited and changed as per your liking. For example, you can add more lines or song sections in between later while editing.
  6. If you don't like an output, you can always try regenerating it.

With Audoir mobile apps, you get to use an AI songwriter assistant on-the-go. And you can save your songs inside the app, and rework on them later on. So you can create a collection of songs using Audoir.

Audoir uses an AI engine called SAM, which is a neural net trained on thousands of hit songs. The app has been built by a team of software and music enthusiasts from Silicon Valley. And over 50,000 users have enjoyed using it for songwriting projects. You can find some featured songwriters and songs made using Audoir on their official site.

7. AntiCulture Lyrics Generator

Finally, we end this list with a very simple and free AI lyrics generator. It provides you with no input parameters and randomly generates a song on its own. You can also use their French Rap lyrics generator if you like. Being free, you can keep refreshing the page or hitting the "Regenerate Art" button to get new song lyrics. is self-described as a "museum of Neo Postmodern meta art". Like Bored Humans and Masterpiece Generator, it has many different generator pages. They have a set of Music Generators, like Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Trance beats, as well as image and comic strip generators, all of which don't seem to be working as of this writing. But you can try playing some games they have in their modern "museum".

anticulture random lyrics generator


We have seen 7 AI lyrics generators that can help songwriters and music enthusiasts while composing new songs. Most of them are free and easy to use. Even the paid ones are quite affordable. You must play with all of them to see the range of creative control they offer and their quality of song outputs.

The lyrics makers by "Bored Humans" and "Anticulture" are the simplest to use as they generate totally random lyrics without taking any inputs from you. If you like to set the song topic/theme, mood and genre, then "These Lyrics Do Not Exist", Audoir and Rytr are great for you. For old-school, template-based lyrics generation, Masterpiece Generator is a fun free website.

And finally, Jarvis Lyrics is a paid service dedicated for song lyrics generation, with a free trial and lots of input parameters to play with. Thus, our selection of 7 best AI lyrics generator tools offers you a lot of variety in AI-powered songwriting assistants. They are sure to make you laugh, inspire you to write your own songs, and offer a fun songwriting experience for you and your music enthusiastic friends!

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