Covid-19: Impacts of COVID-19 on Remote Worker's Life?

Updated on: October 13, 2020

Are you ready to work beyond the usual workplace setting? That is the new normal today. COVID 19 has changed the working systems. You need protection against coronavirus disease. That is why your company has opted for a remote working system.

Many companies are employing remote workers. It is aimed at protecting these workers. Your working station in the company is no longer safe. COVID 19 is spreading quickly. One of the measures to reduce the spread of the disease is social distancing.

You may be working with many employees at your place of work. This makes it hard for you to maintain social distancing. That is why you need to be among the remote workers. It will enable you to central social distance. It is suitable for your safety. If you feel that you could benefit from support for your mental health during this unprecedented time, reach out to BetterHelp today.

While many companies are implementing remote working systems, COVID 19 has affected remote workers' life. Are you among the remote workers? Go through this article. It will enable you to know the impact of COVID 19 on your work life.

Remote working promotes good health

Remote working has health benefits for remote workers. Working from home saves you commuting stress. You will no longer be waiting for the bus. There will be no more sitting in traffic jams. You will never be scared of being late for work.

When you work from home that fears you get when your boss stands behind, you will go. No one will stand right at your desk to have you do the work. All these cause a lot of stress that has adverse effects on your health.

Remote workers lifestyle

All the factors that negatively influence your day will be gone. This is if you become one of the remote you have a chance to focus on your job with no anxiety and stress. PGI research has shown that around 82% of remote workers have a lower stress level. This is when they work from home.

Gallup survey also indicates that those who routinely commute for work have recurring back issues. They also have neck problems. Skipping your daily commuting can be of great help to you. It can enable you to stay healthy.

Now that COVID 19 has made your workplace unsafe, it time for you to be a remote worker. Remote working will reduce commuting to your workplace. This will save your body health. Your company may not have adopted a remote working arrangement. But you can request to be a remote worker. It will ensure your safety against COVID 19.

Remote working guarantees you flexible working lifestyle

COVID 19 is making forcing companies to come up with new working policies. Have you joined the remote workers' group in your company? You will enjoy a flexible working lifestyle. Working from home gives you more time for leisure. You can also spend a lot of time with your loved ones. More time is available for you to relax when working from home

No one will require to go to the physical office within a limited timeframe. This allows you time to do something constructive. You can go to extra classes to advance your education. The extra time available for you can be used for business.

remote working lifestyle

Exercising is very good. You can go for it with the extra time you get while working from your home. All that flexibility is good for you. Become a remote worker today, and you will have a flexible working lifestyle. COVID 19 has changed things. You are working from how it has become a norm. Your company has a responsibility to promote your safety. It cannot ensure your safety in a better way than allowing you to work from home. Working from home guarantees you the flexibility you so desire.

You have a chance to save costs

Has COVID 19 rendered you a remote worker? That is a big opportunity to save cost. You might have to spend a lot of money to commute—no more commuting. You will not be required to go to the physical office. This saves you from reducing expenses.

Have you been driving yourself to go to work? Chances are you have been spending a lot of money to maintain your car. Working from home will save much cost. Whatever you save is suitable for other investments. Save the expenses by working from home and invest in viable opportunities.


Many times you have to take lunch outside. It is not cheap. You spend a lot of money when you make your meals from restaurants. Working at home gives you a chance to save. You can have your preferred meal at a cheaper cost.

The negative impact of COVID to remote workers

Remote working has both positive and negative impacts. COVID 19 has amplified the figure of remote workers. Remote working results in isolation. You have been used to your core workers. With remote working, that relationship is reduced.


There is a lively working environment at your place of work. But you are now working alone at home. It brings loneliness. The communication between you and your colleagues is through technology. That sweet interaction you are used to is removed in remote working. So, you need to prepare yourself psychologically.


You need to take care of yourself against COVID 19. Remote working is the way to go. It is good to work from home. But it will affect your work-life negatively and positively. You will enjoy a flexible work life. It also becomes more comfortable for you to save commuting expenses. Your commuting stress is also lowered with remote working. But working from home will bring a feeling of isolation.

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COVID 19 Impact on Remote Workers
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