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"Imagination is more important than knowledge."  isn't it ?

Yes, it's totally true for every entrepreneur. But to share your ideas & thoughts you really need a platform,which may be a group or any community or it may be a WEB. If you have an idea or anything special & want to share with whole world  then we have a platform for you, yes now you can contribute your ideas and knowledge through "BLOGSAAYS" .

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Eligibility  & benefit of guest author :

We started our "GUEST POSTING" section from which you can put your valuable articles  over  the cloud, anyone who is having  an interest in technology, techno news, socialism, software development, emerging technology are eligible as a Guest author on BLOGSAAYS, &  remember we defiantly put your contribution at the bottom of your articles  🙂 .

  • If you write good articles  consistently, then we are happy to  share some revenue with you  🙂
  • We enable you to share 2-3 back-links within your articles, It help you to build genuine back-link for your blog/website.

Before You Write an Article Please do follow some of our Tag-lines:

1. Article  must have  unique content with min 600 words,steal/copy content are strictly prohibited

2. Explain  your article in detail with simple &  proper  Language(English)

3. Use Images, Videos if they require, don't put too many images/videos.

4. Use Bullets and Numbering if require.

5. Don't put illegal links or videos/photos in your articles.

6. Adult contents are Strictly Prohibited !!!. 

7. Provide your Short Author Bio Information with your website/blog link if you have

8. Your links should point to reputed sites according to WOT 

9. Acceptance of guest article is totally depend on our review team.

10. We only accept 'relevant' links which are NATURAL links !

  • How To Submit An Guest Post/Article

1. Write your article in .doc or any text format,try to use Georgia Font.

2. Email your article: blogsaays@gmail.com

3. We review your article & will reply its status.

Its seem that you reach at the end of this conversation, and we believe that you decided to contribute with us . So don't hesitate  to  garb this golden opportunity to build your virtual identity.

If you wish to be a writer, write it now.