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Updated on: June 24, 2022
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Have you ever parked your car in a congested parking lot and forgotten where it was? Well, if you have, you’d know how hard it is, unless you have a HUMMER or some of such exclusive vehicles. And, if you think you do that often, it is high time to have a look at ZUS — an all-new car charger that is going to change the way you find your parked car. In case if you are wondering how it is done, we can help you know more about ZUS in this article. Here, we shall have a clear idea on how the device can help you at busy times.

ZUS Smart car charger and locator

ZUS — in Nutshell

As we said earlier, ZUS is a car charger, which can be connected to the power socket of your car. Using it, you will be able to charge your Android Smartphone, iPhone or some other device that draws power via USB. However, the story of ZUS doesn’t end there. It’s actually a smart car charger that can help you find the location of your car too. To be put into the practical scenario would be like this: suppose you have parked your car somewhere and forgot where it was. Wouldn’t that be awesome if you can just unlock your Smartphone and be guided to the exact location? This is what ZUS does. This product was started as a Kickstarter campaign and was able to get the pledged amount; now available for purchase, ZUS is one of the smartest gadgets you can get for your car.

Literally, there are two aspects of ZUS — one as a car charger and another one as a car tracker.

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Using ZUS as a Car Charger

Even when used as a car charger, ZUS has some innovative features to offer. First of all, ZUS has a chip inside and it’s powered by Smart Device Detection technology. When you plug in a device, the charger would understand the nature & platform of the device — whether it’s an iPhone or Nexus 6P. Then, ZUS can alter the power output to provide the best-level charging for the device. Also, when compared to the speed of normal car chargers you find, ZUS claims to offer 2X charging speed. This is quite an impressive feature, we suppose. Altogether, ZUS is a hell of a car charger.

ZUS Car Tracking app

Using ZUS for Finding your Car

To use ZUS for finding the parked car, you need to install the official ZUS app in your device. It is available in both the Google Play Store and iTunes Store. Once installed, you can connect your ZUS and Smartphone using Bluetooth LE. In these steps, you’re done with the setup. Now, when you turn off your car engine, ZUS will communicate with your Smartphone and provide the current location details. The details will be stored in the device, and when you want to find your car, you will be guided — quite accurately. For guiding, the ZUS app uses the in-built GPS technology of your device and there’s no need to have a data connection or cellular signal. Sounded quite simple, didn’t it?

ZUS inside-out 

Designed in Germany, ZUS has a classy, ergonomic & attractive design and finish. Built using German Bayer material, the device has a Titanium coating, which adds style and protection. Moreover, this car charger is compliant with the MIL-STD-810G High Temperature Standard. Even with a temperature of 100 Degree Celsius, the car charger will go on smoothly.

ZUS car charger

In addition, to be visible in dark environments, ZUS includes Elegant Shine Lighting System, which is designed by the firm itself. Apart from visibility, this lighting system adds a touch of classy style for your car. As a car charger, Nonda has included two USB slots, so that you can charge two devices at a time.

How much ZUS costs?

Well, that might be a big question you may have! However, when compared to the smarter featured by the charger, it has a quite reasonable price. And, there’s a discount when you purchase more than one charger. When purchased in solo, you need to pay $35.99 while the couple-pack can save you 40% off and get the duo for just $59.98. So, if we’re to take a look on these factors, ZUS is worth going for, and quite affordable.

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Are you ready to experience smart car charging and an awesome way to find where you parked the car? Then, make sure that you have ZUS with you — as simple as that.

ZUS Smart USB Car Charger $ 35.99
  • Design & Build - 85%
  • Size Of Device - 88%
  • Performance - 82%
  • Connection Stability - 80%
  • Battery - 85%


Compact Design
Classic LED indicators
Work In High Temperature
Lightweight Mobile APP


Only one Colour Choice

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