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Updated on: October 28, 2019

Power Point Presentations are  key factors to demonstrate any application in details. They will help us to know major functionality  of any product. Consider a scenario where you are a 'Backbencher' in some product launch event and presenter  sharing some code specific data with audience and unfortunately your not able to get it due to lack of distance & font visibility, look like a really annoying situation for both presenter and backbencher like me 😀 . I personally faced such situation & now I found out a way to get rid from those problems.

ZoomIt-windows-mac zooming tool

How to Zoom-In into your presentation or App demo:

  • Windows Zoom Tool

1. Their are few apps that support  zooming functionality  like Office apps and  major browsers like Google Chrome & mozilla.if you are using windows 7 or  earlier version os then you can zoom your screen by pressing "Windows key + 'Plus key' "

2. Above functionality is also limited for few apps & I checked out  few apps that are not supporting default zooming facility,for that you can  use "ZoomIt tool " for windows

Zomit windows configuration

3. ZoomIt runs in application tray & activates with customisable hotkeys to zoom in on an area of the screen.You can easily move around , draw on the zoomed image etc. ZoomIt fit into my specific needs and use it during all my presentations.

4. ZoomIt break timer feature enable you to specify zooming time period,so that it will automatically carry forward default control to application.You can configure it according to your needs for customisable shortcut keys etc.

Advantage of Zoomit :

- Easy to install and configure.

- Must have tool for Evangelist & Corporate trainners.

- You can use it in meetings,webinars & hangout etc.

- Light weight & useful to develop good youtube videos and computer movies

[yframe url='https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwd47ezrkXM']

  • Mac OS X Zoom Tool :

    Zoom it for mac os x

If you are running Mac OS X then you can use Zoom It for mac, Its also one of the powerful app which is available in app store for 0.99$. Its having same functionality like window tool but it differ in operation & configuration. This app is only run on intel based processor of Mac OS X.
Download Zoomit for Mac OS X pc and use it with your product to increase readability of your videos, applications & presentations. Now a days people focus on depth analysis  &  zoomit will help you to avoid annoying things during presentations.
[yframe url='https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77hpfL0yTII']
if you used it earlier  then do share your review with us, it will hep our readers to clear more things about Zoomit !
ZoomIt-windows-mac zooming tool
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