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Updated on: June 28, 2021

Every small business owner, always trying to find ways to increase their sales. One of my friends running his start-up & told me that he is having a small staff of salespeople and his business is increasing very quickly but now it's difficult for them to keep track of their leads and sales. Hiring new manpower is not a good solution for any start-up company as their initial investment is not so big 🙂

Recently one of my colleagues told me about ZOHO CRM Software. He is using this software for a year, and they are very happy with it. ZOHO CRM is a customer relationship management software package. This software has the capability to revolutionize any business with some good practices. Most probably we used to waste a lot of time on monotonous data entry tasks, but a lot of those tasks are automated now with ZOHO CRM.


The software helps us track our sales figures and trends. Now it's most easier task to create customized reports with ZOHO CRM. I researched several CRM software packages online to compare them with  ZOHO. But I ended up with some cool features of  ZOHO CRM because it works with a lot of programs and applications that many industries already using.

ZOHO CRM integrates with Google Apps, Microsoft Outlook, Quick books, and Microsoft Office. It was nice not to have to abandon all of our old programs when anybody purchased ZOHO CRM.

Features of ZOHO CRM:

1. Automate and productiveZOHO Automate CRM Process

ZOHO help you to automate your day-day activities which help you to focus on your sell not on maintaining your sells data.This process is totally transparent & accurate process.Less chance of  malfunctioning .

2. Broad application Compatibility

ZOHO CRM compatibility

This CRM is designed very perfectly by analysing traditional system use.It can easily integrate with some existing and upcoming system  like Google Apps,MS Office etc.

3. Build better customer relationship & Great Analysis Report


For any successful business customer satisfaction is really important.ZOHO CRM helping industry to stay connected with their valuable customers,Which leads to increase productivity.

ZOHO analytic reports generation part helping industries to keep track of  their progress and help them to create some great future plans.

4. Remote access  with Mobile


ZOHO is also designed for portable devices.You can easily access your customer data  remotely even in offline mode. This facility really help to take any decision remotely.

I have recommended ZOHO CRM to several other business owners. The software is easy to use, and each member of my team has increased their productivity by using ZOHO CRM. I also feel that the cost is very reasonable for the excellent product and service that you receive when purchasing ZOHO.

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  1. Acquainted with Zoho. This system has good reviews on the Internet and will be very useful for many users. We are a non-profit organization, and every day we use a lot of electronic documents. We are now using https://www.teamwox.com CRM for free, and we can easily and conveniently. Q: Is there a CRM, which can be used to export all the files/task/employee records, and then import it into another system CRM? How to do it?

    Thank you.

  2. The reports and data produced by business intelligence systems are great when you need to back up your claims with hard data when negotiating with potential clients or make quick sales decisions with real-time data and mobile Business reports.

    1. Business Software tools are exceptionally well-suited for powerful data and process mining. It analyzes, processes and renders vast amounts of data that cannot be managed with weaker programs. It integrates with data warehousing solutions, in-house databases, structured and unstructured data. It can manage so much data that allows easy access to valuable information that businesses might otherwise miss.

  3. Hey Saurabh,
    You did a great job man, I really like your article. This has enough information to manage a business and anyone can easily use this software. Thanks Saurabh for sharing all this info. with us and yes, it'll helpful for us.

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