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Updated on: January 8, 2021

If the top earnings of YouTube stars and television stars are increasingly becoming more and more similar, the gap between top viewership is narrowing at an even higher pace and becoming more slight each day. Viewership is perhaps one of the more important indicators of success when it comes to entertainment such as television and YouTube, since the number of people tuning in to watch shows on either media outlet indicates popularity on a more accurate scale.The top viewership in the world of YouTube goes to PewDiePie, a show that sees over 2.1 million viewers.

Youtube Television

Comparatively, the most viewed television channel is CBS, with 5.37 million viewers. The Muyap YouTube channel has a viewership of 1.9 million, while television giant ABC has 4.12 million viewers. As you move on down the line and move closer to the channel with the fifth highest viewership, the numbers become extremely close, with Avicii Official VEVO claiming just over 1 million viewers, and television channel USA claiming 2.7 million viewers.

Since these views are for just one month, August of 2013, it can be expected that a yearly estimate might show slightly different numbers. But regardless, it is still clear that YouTube channels are very able to compete with television channels where viewership is concerned.


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Youtube Television
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  1. I'm glad that youtube is the way of the future and not TV. Cable in Upstate NY USA was cost $100 per month for a very limited selection of channels and just boring reality shows that are practically a waste of time and money. I cancelled the cable subscription and couldn't be happier. More and more people are cancelling their cable subscription and a TV set is just an unnecessary space taking device. I just wish I have done it much earlier.

  2. you said "The average 18-24 year old watches just nine minutes of TV a month". I went to your source and the chart shows it is 84 hours a month!

  3. Youtube and Television are both necessary for people's daily life. Personally, i love watch videos on Youtube more.

  4. Hello sir.

    i really agree with u , you tube very helpful for young generation and other peoples , Many students learn every topics any where .sir u share most useful and good information generate tech blog m waiting Ur new update tech blogs.

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