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Updated on: September 24, 2012


Visual Information on Web is  is much better and understandable  than Textual information.'You Tube' one of the best Video broadcasting Service available in cloud & ubiquitous environment.Many peoples used this service and enjoy the cloud of videos.

More often it happens that you have a video on YouTube click and Banned films hits.. But the problem has a solution. The English provides five proxy servers available on the all country  videos you can see still locked into videos.

The principle of a proxy server is simple:All traffic is not sent directly to YouTube, but redirected through a proxy server. And since the proxy server is located in foreign countries - including Britain - and YouTube "thinks", the viewer is sitting in England, you can watch it on my locked redirection trick in any country Videos. Here's how:

1. Go to the website on.


2. On the side of There are now five proxy server. Choose one from you and give the link of the videos blocked in the search box and press "OK".

The video starts now, because the proxy server grants you access from another country.

Note: Youtube Proxy also offers a notification by e-mail, should even a proxy server is blocked and a new server the page will be added.

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  1. Very interesting method of viewing blocked youtube videos. But I personally prefer Youtube Mirror which is quite the same in purpose to your method, it both allows us to view blocked and restricted videos on youtube, which is pretty sweet!


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