YouTube Channel Name Ideas Generating tool For Vloggers in 2023

Updated on: April 3, 2023

I remember the story of this fellow YouTuber who created random channels, invested a lot of money into his projects, and yet kept struggling with building authority. Eventually, he earned a profit, but the effort was not worth it. Many wondered where he lacked – SEO – no, content quality – no, niche – no, strategy – no. The dent was with the name of the YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel Name Ideas generating tool For Vloggers

The name of your YouTube channel is very important for appealing to the audience as well as SEO. While you could keep any name for your channel, if the audience does not acknowledge it or YouTube does not connect it to your niche, a lot of effort will be needed to establish authority.

Shakespeare’s quote “What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” doesn’t apply to domain names and names of YouTube channels. The name should contain the keyword of the niche you wish to target. Eg. If you wish to target an audience for movie reviews, the word “film” or “movie” should be a part of the name of the channel.

What is a YouTube Channel Name Idea generating tool and why do you need it?

Channel names on YouTube should include the keyword associated with the niche. Even more, the name should be unique. If any other channel uses the same name, you will still be able to name your channel, but by doing so, you will end up competing with the other channel’s authority.

YouTube Channel Name Idea generating tools verify the duplication of channel names and help you create a fresh name while including the keyword in the same.

The best YouTube Channel Name Idea generating tools in 2023 are as follows:

  1. Wix YouTube Name Generator
  2. Vidiq YouTube Channel Name Idea Generator
  3. NameBounce YouTube Channel Name Idea Generator
  4. Business Name Generator
  5. Godaddy Business Name Generator
  6. Namify YouTube Channel Name Generator
  7. Welder YouTube Channel Name Generator
  8. Social Video Plaza YouTube Channel Name Generator
  9. NameCHK YouTube Channel Name Generator
  10. Riverside FM YouTube Channel Name Generator

1] Wix YouTube Name Generator

Wix is popular for its excessive advertisements and for helping noobs create websites. The company’s main base is professionals who are experts in their fields of knowledge but know nothing about website design. They can use the Wix application to create their brand website using drag and drop. To make work easier for those interested in entering the social media community, Wix has introduced Wix YouTube Name Generator. Simply enter the keyword on the field on their website and hit Enter. The tool will display endless name ideas which can be used for your YouTube channel. I verified these terms for uniqueness, and they passed the test.

2] Vidiq YouTube Channel Name Idea Generator

Vidiq YouTube Channel Name Idea Generator

Vidiq is considered the best tool for YouTube SEO. Most creators and companies almost solely rely on this tool for finding keywords for their videos. Rather, YouTube would have been a vastly different community if Vidiq would not have changed the work culture of YouTube creators. If you are able to watch relevant content on YouTube, then it is because Vidiq gave the right ideas to YouTube creators. This also justifies using the Vidiq YouTube Channel Name Idea Generator tool. A con of this tool is that you will have to mention your email ID and approve the company to send you promotional emails if you want more details. But the tool is free, so it hardly matters.

3] NameBounce YouTube Channel Name Idea Generator

NameBounce is a popular name for generating domain name ideas. It helps users with the widest range of domain name ideas for free. The tool checks for duplication of the name ideas before suggesting them. Other than this, it has a section (which most of its rivals don’t) for suggesting name ideas for specific niches. Eg. If you are confused about names for Art, Fitness, Music, Travel, etc categories, you can simply check the list of unavailable names for the niches using the NameBounce YouTube Channel Name Idea Generator. Thereafter, you can use the domain name to find a corresponding YouTube channel name.

4] Business Name Generator

Have you ever realized that usually the name of a YouTube channel is associated with a business or brand? Thus, the name must be unique not only to YouTube but also different from the names of other companies. You can use the Business Name Generator tool for the same. This is interestingly one of the most detailed tools for generating YouTube channel names. With the Business Name Generator tool, you can check the names of both the specified keyword and the niche at the same time. You will notice the option for niche selection on the left-hand side.

5] Godaddy Business Name Generator

We know that GoDaddy is the most popular company engaged in selling domain names. If one has to select a domain name, then GoDaddy is the most preferred website for research. However, YouTube channel names are different. If you have a domain and need to create a YouTube channel with a name related to a domain you own, consider trying the Godaddy Business Name Generator. This tool will check for all names which are unique and not taken by other brands yet. It will also suggest unregistered domain names which include the entered keyword.

6] Namify YouTube Channel Name Generator

While other YouTube Channel Name Generator tools are good, Namify has stepped another stone by introducing a free logo for every person who generates YouTube channel names through their tool. Even more, it checks the names for copyright and trademark. I personally noticed that suggestions given by Namify have more variety than its rivals. The Namify YouTube Channel Name Generator tool also suggests a future-proof domain name.

7] Welder YouTube Channel Name Generator

Let us assume you are totally clueless about the keyword or even niche for which you need to generate the channel name idea. AI can help you with this problem. Simply type your idea in the field like “Movie review videos for horror movies” and the Welder YouTube Channel Name Generator tool will use artificial intelligence to present the best list for you. You can also suggest the tool to include a keyword. Rather, AI prompts can also be used for generating YouTube channel names. This tool will be extremely helpful to those who are confused with the keyword.

8] Social Video Plaza YouTube Channel Name Generator

Social Video Plaza YouTube Channel Name Generator

If you check other YouTube Channel Name Generator tools in this list, you will notice that all of them are monotonous. The Social Video Plaza YouTube Channel Name Generator has a funky interface and can be used for generating creative YouTube channel name suggestions. In the field, mention your basic keyword. Then, select the niche for your YouTube channel from the list mentioned below. If you do not have a specific niche or your niche is not listed, simply click on All channel types. Now, click on Generate.

9] NameCHK YouTube Channel Name Generator

If you are seeking a detailed YouTube Channel Name Generator, then check the NameCHK YouTube Channel Name Generator. This tool gives meaningful suggestions for YouTube channel names and suggests domain names available for those names. You get the option to change the domain TLDs and search accordingly. The NameCHK tool is smart in the sense that it searches for branding, copyright, domain availability, etc before suggesting the YouTube channel name. The only con is that you will need to verify the captcha before getting the name suggestions.

10] Riverside FM YouTube Channel Name Generator

The Riverside FM YouTube Channel Name Generator is an AI-powered tool that helps newbies in finding relevant YouTube channel name ideas. Instead of mentioning the keyword (though you can always use the keyword), you can mention the details of your YouTube channel idea in a sentence. Eg. “Book reviews channel focusing on novels.” AI will help you in finding the relevant results for YouTube names closest to your idea of the YouTube channel.

How do I choose a YouTube channel name?

The YouTube channel name is very important for SEO, branding, uniqueness, and legal considerations. Thus, we need to be wise while selecting the YouTube channel name. The factors to consider while choosing a YouTube channel name are as follows:

1] Uniqueness

YouTube permits creators to reuse the names of other YouTube channels. However, that is conflicting. YouTube will present the more authoritative YouTube channel to the audience even if your content is better. So, it is always advisable to keep the channel name unique.

2] Legal aspect

Keeping the channel name unique is one thing, another is to make sure that it does not conflict with other authoritative channels. Eg. If PewDiePie is an established brand and you name your channel PewGiePie, then the original authority can dispute the same. Other than this, if is also important to avoid offensive words in channel names.

3] Check for social media availability

If you create a YouTube channel today, someday you will also create a Facebook page for the same. Later an Instagram account too. Thus, it is important to check for social media availability of the same. It is quite possible that though your YouTube channel name is unique, the Instagram handle or Facebook Page names are taken.

4] Check for domain availability

Maybe today you would prefer not to invest money in creating a website and limit your budget to a YouTube channel. However, if you look forward to creating a website later and the domain name is not available, wouldn’t it be problematic. Thus, it is advisable to check for domain name availability and book the domain (which is cheap). Later, you can invest in hosting and create the associated website.

In conclusion, I will suggest checking name suggestions using any of the domain name generators mentioned above, even if you have an idea of the name in your mind. These tools check for uniqueness, domain availability, and other considerations.

Please let us know your experience of the tools in the comment section.

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