5 Ways Our Young Generation is Sabotaging Itself

Updated on: April 30, 2019

The advancement of technology and the internet has changed the way of our life. It has many positive attribute and negative impacts. Following, we are going to discuss how negative attributes of the internet is running our young generation and how we can keep it from happening! There are few factors due to which our Young Generation is Sabotaging in their self.

1.  Glorification of Insecurity

This is common in our young generation; they hate almost everything about themselves. Be it their finances, physical appearances, circle, lifestyle or anything else; they hate it. Insecurity has become a norm today. The issue is, our young generation never grows out of insecurity.

Glorification Insecurity

What they fail to realize is insecurity is not a virtue at all. They fail to see their qualities as insecurity eats them away.  This leads them to believe they are not worth anything. It is destroying their life. They don’t take chances and often miss opportunities because the self-defeated mentality is keeping them recognizing their true potential.

2.  Not Willing to Work at the Bottom

Not meant to say that the youth is lazy today. There are many hard-working young people out there who made something of themselves out there. But the thing is, most young people (teenagers) don’t want to work at the bottom.

Grunt Work Gardening

The reality of the workforce is, no one starts well. When you first start searching for a job, you don’t have many real-life skills. We fail to understand that college degrees don’t mean you have real-life skills and experience.  Doing grunt work is far better than unemployment.

3.  Not Willing to Accept Help

There is a difference between knowing you should improve and doing something about it. Today’s generation is stubborn and its somewhat affecting their potential to do something in life. Yes, there is an abundance of advice around you, and it can take its toll. So, you have to choose what you should embrace and what not.

But this doesn’t mean you should not accept the fact you need. Instead, accept it and save yourself from regret. Most youngsters don’t accept the fact they need help and turn away big opportunity. They do this because they are too stubborn to accept the fact, they need help.


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4.  Why Do I Need to Prove Myself?

This is very common in youngsters these days. They ignore their work or don’t do it properly. They believe investing time in their work because they believe everyone knows they are already smart enough.

Prove Yourself with your Mettle

They don’t believe in proving their mettle to anyone. They have failed to realize they need to take on more responsibility and join the real world with whatever opportunity they are given.

5.  Being Public with their Life

Social media is a great tool to share your thoughts and communicate with others. However, the younger generation is misusing this great tool and parents aren’t doing anything about this. Worse, they have no idea what their kids are doing on social media.

Young Generation in Public

Youngsters are posting their issues online like it’s a diary. These passive-aggressive posts are sometimes calling out people, and they tend to have fights with people. The airing out is doing nothing but feeding them negativity and even leading to cyberbullying.

This irrational behavior is destroying their self-confident and mindset. Youngsters these days have made social media an important part of their life. They are influenced by how people treat them online. Things have become so worse that teenager is committing suicide because of cyberbullying. A Parent’s negligence to keep track of their kids is a major factor.

Young Generation in Public
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