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Updated on: June 28, 2021

When you have an organization with many professionals working together, it’s a bit tough to manage all the moving parts of your various projects! You will need to make company-wide announcements, send individual messages, share documents and get collaborate with them on large initiatives. Gone are the days when you could survive using only email and spreadsheets for project management, which was tiresome because all those spreadsheets had to be maintained and all those email threads had to be searched.Now however, there is an online project management software that can help make work more efficient for your entire organization. Wrike is one of many online tools for project management that gives you a centralized place for all work info and an effective platform for getting your team on the same page and keeping the collaboration alive. At first glance, Wrike may look like a simple project management software, but it’s capable of more than you may think. Let’s take a closer look.


Who Needs Wrike?

It’s a big question with a small answer. Any organization that needs to make teamwork fruitful should use Wrike. Anyone managing a project who needs more visibility into what the team is working on should use Wrike. And any employee who needs a centralized place to list and work on tasks, as well as collaborate with the rest of the company should use it. In short, Wrike is where you can unite the different sectors of your organization, and help them work more efficiently. This is exactly how top companies such as PayPal and HTC are using Wrike for project management as well as team management.

Wrike Project management

What is Wrike Capable Of?

There are different ways Wrike can enhance your organization’s teamwork. The major ones are:

  • Project & Task Manager

Creating tasks and assigning them to individuals is a matter of simplicity when using Wrike. You also have the option to create subtasks, in case you want an ultra-compact structure of tasks. In the Dashboard, you get an overview of all the tasks assigned to you as well as those you follow. All the information is there including deadlines, current status, person in charge, etc. Wrike gives you the option to engage your entire team for feedback if needed, all while creating tasks and subtasks.

  • Collaboration & More

Inter-organization collaboration is a major aspect of Wrike. It doesn’t matter whether you have a status update to share or task reminders to give, everything is available in the unified Dashboard of Wrike. Talking more about the collaboration stuff, there’s an enhanced document editor, where you can view and edit documents simultaneously with your teammates. Moreover, the entire structure of Wrike is geared toward social, ensuring that updates on the projects you follow appear in a news feed view similar to the social media we use every day. These features are all a big help for your team productivity.

Wrike Project management

  • Smarter Work Management

Managing your work isn’t just limited to creating tasks and assigning them to people. You also have a lot of things to take care of such as categorizing tasks, creating Gantt charts or workflows, and keeping track of time spent on projects. All these features are included in Wrike. It does not matter whether you want to create a budget document or a repeatable multi-step program for your team, Wrike can help you do that. You can even give your tasks labels or tags so that tasks and projects can be classified easily.

Smart Work Management

  • Integration's & More

Wrike knows that it cannot stand alone in this world of project management. That is why the solution has awesome integration's with other services and products. For instance, you get an email integration (for Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook) that allows you to easily turn any email into a task in Wrike. You get sync options for Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar so you can keep track of your work on a calendar that takes iCal. You have the Chrome browser extension which allows you to turn any website into a task. And even a project management app for Android or iOS so that you can manage your work on your mobile device no matter where you are.

Wrike Online Project Management

In short, Wrike is capable of offering an all-in-one work management solution for your team, which is an awesome thing.

About Availability

Apart from the fully-fledged web interface, Wrike has ensured availability in different tools and devices. If you use the Google Chrome browser, you have the Wrike extension, which allows you to turn any website into a task or a bookmark. Then there are the official mobile apps for Wrike-- you get a project management app for Android or iOS, allowing you to manage your work from wherever you are. In addition, Wrike is available in ten major languages with more coming everyday. Even if you have a team that isn’t good in English, Wrike is usable in your local language.

Wrike Online Project Management

Concluding — about Wrike

Considering all the above mentioned factors, Wrike is certainly an essential tool for hardworking teams. From creating various projects to keeping track of the entire pipeline of projects, you have a centralized platform. And the options for collaboration and mobile access are also worth mentioning. In short, when you are in a company that takes collaboration and productivity seriously, you have every reason to implement Wrike in your organization.

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