Wireless Internet Security – Should you be Concerned?

Updated on: May 18, 2013


[Guest Post] One major thing a lot of people love about the internet is the ability to be able to visit their favorite websites and transfer data online at seamless rates, thanks to the introduction of broadband! Initially, broadband internet was all about people accessing the internet at blazing speed, but suddenly, wireless internet was introduced and a lot more people began to see how fun it can be to access the internet without a single gadget, save your wireless enabled laptop. The wireless technology is widely used in a lot of developed countries today, and it is no doubt becoming more popular every day. The problem with this is the security, and this article will be giving you a few tips to help you protect your wireless network.

wireless security systems

Why You Should be Concerned about Your Wireless Internet Security

It is quite easy to access any computer/internet connection these days as long as the hacker attempting the hack is able to connect to your computer. If you’re connected to the internet through a broadband modem, or any other form of wired internet connection, it becomes extremely difficult for the hacker to hack your computer since they won’t be able to connect to it unless they are operating on your computer. Wireless internet made it extremely easy for hackers to connect to your computer even if they are not in front of your computer as they can easily connect to your network wirelessly.

Having a wireless network that can be connected to from anywhere is great, but it also increases the risk of your wireless internet being hacked, and below are some tips to help you protect your network.

1. Change Your Security Details Regularly


Change Password

The first step you have to take towards protecting your wireless network from being hacked is to change your wireless details regularly. Some of these details you need to change are your passwords, your encryption key, and the likes. The duration at which you change your details is up to you – it can be every 2 months, it can be every 6 months or so, depending on you.

It is very important, however, to make sure you don’t change your details wirelessly as your data can easily be sniffed by a professional hacker. You should make sure your computer is not connected to the internet and that it also can’t be accessed wirelessly when changing your details – that way, no hacker will be able to tamper with your computer.

[note]Try to use strong encryption standard algorithms like IDEA,AES,SHA etc.[/note]

2. Update Your Software, Firmware and Hardware

Update-Internet Security

Update Firmware & Software

Whenever new software, firmware or hardware is released there are often bugs associated with it that the developers can’t discover immediately. In most cases a hacker can discover any of these bugs and as a result start exploiting it to hack into the network of uninformed users. Make sure you are always upgrading your software and router firmware regularly. Also make sure you update your hardware to the latest versions regularly whenever you have the opportunity.

In most cases, a single update can fix a whole lot of wireless problems you might face so make sure you don’t downplay it.

Paul Tobis has been studying how wireless networks work for years now. He is always on the lookout for the best wireless broadband plans available.

wireless security systems
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  2. Thanks for sharing such important information about the wireless internet. This will surely help me in near future and now onwards I’ll make sure that my security details are regularly changed and my software, firmware, and hardware are updated without fail. Hope all this makes my internet accessibility more safe and encrypted.

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