Windows Live Messenger For Android

Updated on: May 18, 2013

By the demand  of most android users finally "Windows Live Messenger " hit into android market place.This is good news for Windows Messenger users  who really awaited this application for their Android enable mobiles and tablets.

This show the sustainability and better approach  of Android developers, Windows messenger  a client developed by Microsoft, which was not even for Windows Phone, but the official option authorized by the Redmond for Android and Windows Phone.

As we know that Android is running on Linux kernel, so the development of this application rises the changes of Windows messenger will be available for LINUX platform very soon.The news was first leaked on the French website Clubic on 11 April, a few hours before his run. Since then it is possible will find yourself Windows Live Messenger in the Android Market.

Hope it will work good,The application also have link for Bing Search,which is very unfamiliar for android users ,according to me they have to utilize this space for any other purpose in next update version  because on android bing can't create his popularity 🙂

Download It !!!

Note: This is New Release Version,It may have some running issues ,if you find any please post it here or in Android Forum

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