[Fix] Why Can't I Swipe Up On My Apple Watch?

Updated on: August 7, 2023

Apple watch is goto wearable gadget for most Apple users. Due to its heterogeneous capabilities, it's handy for day-to-day lifestyle. I use it to check social media updates, SMS, and Emails to avoid using my iPhone. The Apple Watch is meta-information about your notifications.

I use it for a partial digital detox, which is very much necessary. Recently I encountered an issue: ' I could not swipe up on my Apple Watch. So I tried to troubleshoot and found the following ways to fix it.

3 Ways to Fix the Apple Watch Touch Screen Not Functioning

In case you are facing the problem of the inability to swipe up on your Apple Watch, there are fixes and tips you can use to resolve issues quickly.

  1. Attempt to Control the Apple Watch with Your iPhone Mirroring
  2. Use Update the WatchOS from iPhone
  3. Force Restart/Factory Reset the iWatch.

1. Control the Apple Watch using iPhone Apple Watch Mirroring.

When OS 16 was launched, the ability to control your Apple Watch with your smartphone was also introduced. Through this method of control, it is simple to mirror the screen of an Apple Watch into the iPhone. With this, it is possible to perform different actions on it. If you want to check whether your Apple Watch has an issue with the screen (not swiping up), you can try to control it via your iPhone.

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Apple Watch Mirroring. Turn on the switch for Apple Watch Mirroring.

Apple Watch Screen Mirroring from iPhone fix Touch Screen issue

If you can swipe up from your phone, then definitely some issue with your watch screen. Try to eject water from your iWatch using mirroring if it gets wet.

2. Update Watch OS/Force Restart the Apple Watch

Update OS: 

Many times some bugs in OS may create this issue. So try to update both of your OS.

Restart the Apple Watch by Force

Force Restart:

If updating doesn't help, you have to Force Restart. Restart your Watch by pressing & holding the digital crown for 10 sec. When you see the Apple logo, release the crown. After doing this, check whether the swipe-up function is working.

3. Factory Reset the iWatch using SiRi.

If all the above methods fail, try to Factory Reset the Apple Watch by giving the command to Siri. To do that, hold your digital crown and ask Siri to Open Settings. Then use Digital Crown to navigate to General->reset->Erase All Content & Settings. If you have a passcode, then use Siri to enter it.

Apple Watch Screen Mirroring from iPhone fix Touch Screen issue-1

Owning an Apple Watch is a privilege for many people, but when it comes to preparing, you must follow a few DIY troubleshooting to avoid repairing the cost of the iWatch. Let us know if you found some alternative method to fix the touch screen of the Watch not going up.

Apple watch Swipeup not working
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