What are Some Best Hosting Packages of 2018

Updated on: December 7, 2018

We are living in a digital world, and these days the majority of businesses (and a fair amount of non-business people) have either a website or a blog, and most of these require a host to operate. Having a great hosting package in place makes a huge difference to how a site looks, how reliable it is, and how much information can be displayed on it. Ultimately it can also affect how much money is made, either through sales or advertising on the site.

The web hosting world is a crowded one and with so much choice and competition making a decision about which package on offer is best for you can be a stressful and confusing experience, especially without accessible data to consult. That’s why we have done some vital research for you, and here we present the results – read on to discover which hosting packages have been the best in 2018.


This company offers virtual servers which are private, KVM-based, able to be customized and set up to offer protection from DDoS attacks, along with high-speed Solid State Drive [SSD] storage, making it an excellent choice for businesses.


They offer a choice of packages which have different levels of RAM, SSD storage and CPU Cores. They also offer Tomcat-based Java Hosting as well - for more info on these Tomcat packages, check out their website.

Customers who pay for 3 years upfront enjoy a 40% discount, making the cheapest package just under $6 a month, and the top package just under $24. 24/7 support is an added bonus, as is the option of paying by Bitcoin as well as by more mainstream methods.


A good place for hobby site and small business site hosting or those new to website development, there are several shared hosting plans on offer, on-site guidance for novices and a good level of customer service, but no Windows-based VPS hosting.


Again there are no Windows-based servers, and the customer service doesn’t include phone support but there are plenty of things that outweigh these quibbles.  These include the great security, the choice of both cloud and VPS hosting packages, and no limits on data transfers.


Strong on reselling and with great VPS host plans to choose from [although not all have the Windows server option], place this company in the top hosting category for 2018.

TMD Hosting

Great for WordPress site hosting and reselling, TMD also has a good record of uptime and highly reviewed customer service. Not all the packages available support Windows, and the customer support phone line is open for a limited amount of time.

A2 Web Hosting

Not the cheapest host around, but the hosting packages are all excellent, the customer service is highly praised and there is a very little downtime. Do note though that as with some other providers, not all plans offer an option for Windows servers.

Inmotion Hosting

Great uptime rates, unlimited email addresses, and a solid money back offer to make all this company’s hosting packages worth a look. The only slight drawbacks are a lack of cloud hosting and not having all packages available on a monthly payment plan.

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