WD My Passport 2 TB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive Review

Updated on: July 4, 2022

Where ever we go, whatever we do, be it personal life or professional life, we all collect countless moments, memories and documents that are an integral part of our work space and family. We all have a huge collection of pictures, videos, media and other files that are really dear to us.

Now when we have such important memories and files, we wish to store them in pen drives and Hard Disks Drive (HDD). Why? Because it would be a shame if you accidentally or due to technical errors end up deleting some files or losing important data and media.


Now talking about Hard Disks, I am very work oriented person and try my best in maintaining a balance between my personal and professional life. I have numerous memories to cherish and files to save. So for that, I often depend on an external HD to store my personal and professional files as a backup. The bigger, the better. So when we think about external hard disks, what can be better than Western Digital (WD)?

So I’m writing this quick review article to talk about the WD My Passport Portable Hard Drive.

WD My Passport 2 TB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive

I have been in search for a good and reliable external hard disk for storing my stuff for quite some time now. There are many good ones in the market to choose from and one of my friends suggested me to buy the Western Digital (WD) My Passport 2 TB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive. I searched for some online reviews and found convincing remarks from customers. Hence I purchased it and am using it ever since. Yes, I’m impressed!


Features and Specifications

The WD My Passport Portable Hard Drive is one impressive device and has many appealing features to list down. These features are actually pretty compelling enough to make you purchase the device without thinking twice. Here’s a quick list of the most useful features and specifications.

  • Massive media storage capacity of up to 2 TB (2000 GB)
  • Sleek design and light weight. Weighs only 246 gm.
  • Portable and easy to carry.
  • Supports USB 3.0 and backward USB 2.0
  • Supports connectivity through Windows, Mac, and Unix.
  • 3 years manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Additional WD auto backup software.
  • Password protection feature.


My personal opinion about WD My Passport Hard Drive

I have been using this external had disk for quite a few months now and I must admit, that I’m convinced that I spent my money on the right device. There is an expansive description of features that I really loved about it.

  • The My Passport portable hard drive has the ability to store the massive collection of photos, videos and other media you love. Furthermore, this device is equipped with the advance WD auto backup software, which means you can automatically back up everything without worrying. You can set it to your schedule. Just pick the appropriate time and frequency and you are done.
  • Next, the device has a built in 256 bit AES hardware encryption aided with an advance WD Security software. This feature helps you keep your content private and safe. Another interesting feature is that you can easily add a 'return-if-found' message as the password prompt in case your hard disk ever gets lost.
  • No one would ever like to carry a brick heavy hard drive with them. Something that is sleek and easily slides into the pocket it just the right thing. The My Passport Portable Hard Drive lives up to its name as a “Portable” device. With a slim fit design and weighing only 246 gm, the My Passport Hard Drive is easy to carry around wherever you go.

  • Looks do matter to me a lot. The My Passport drive comes in a vibrant and sleek design and a wide range of beautiful and appealing colors to choose from. Go ahead and pick the one that matches your own unique, personal style.
  • The first and foremost thing that customers prefer is an easy to use and operate gadget. My Passport portable hard drive is just that. The device is ready to use out of the box as soon as you purchase it. You can start transferring your files, saving your memories and backing them up. Quoting myself from a previous paragraph, “My Passport Hard Drive comes with all the software you need to help protect all your data”, this includes the WD backup and WD security software.
  • If we are talking about hard disks, how can we possibly not mention STORAGE CAPACITY? My Passport External Hard Drive comes with a range of massive storage capacities starting from 1 TB up to 4 TB. A huge storage space like this is almost literally like unlimited storage and you can easily store your massive collection of photos, music and videos you love without worrying about running out of space.
  • When it comes to WD products, you can be rest assured that quality is never compromised. The WD My Passport hard drive promises durability, shock tolerance and long-term reliability and further comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Price and availability

The WD My Passport 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive is available in four different variants according to the storage capacity.


All the above prices are Amazon.in exclusive and may vary from website to website. I purchased the WD My Passport 2 TB Portable Hard Drive at ₹6,299

My final say

The Western Digital (WD) My Passport 2 TB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive is just the right type of storage device for people who are looking for a branded and reliable one. The WD name tag itself promises quality and performance. Another big plus is that this device is priced appropriately to suit your wallet.

The My Passport Portable External Hard Drive is sleek, looks great and is light enough to easily carry around even in your chest pocket. The WD back up and WD security software are gold. I can confidently lay stress on the fact that you won’t really find a branded external hard drive with these features at such a promising price tag. So go ahead and grab yours while the stocks and offers last!

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