3 Effective Ways To Keep Track Of Your Children and Pets

Updated on: July 3, 2019

There are a lot of devices produced by technology for the purpose of helping every individual in the world. As one of the main goal technology has is to make people’s life easier and faster by giving a different product. These products are for industrial purposes or personal only. Thus, one of the best device today and software is the tracking device for the children and as well as for pets.

There are a lot of cases around the world about the loss of children, it usually happens when a child lost in the sight by every guidance. This various tracking device and software really helps every family to be secure and safe.

Another is for the pets, these devices are sold toward parents who want to keep track of their kids in common places or when they aren't together. Kid tracking technology normally relies on a bracelet or other device which is used on the child's body and sends a signal back to the parent's positioning device. Tracking is useful in public places and could support a child be more quickly discovered when lost or when abducted, which is why it's such an engaging view to parents.

Device or Technology: The Most Efficient Ways To Track A Child And Pet

1. GoFindMe:

This system gives the real-time online status of all your vehicles, child and in your line. This serves every family and known as the best personal GPS tracker choices. This one has no monthly fee and this function based on the long-range radio technology. You can locate, send messages and even share locations instantly in your vehicle, child and pets situation from any computer on the internet.

GoFindMe Pet child tracker

As this technology track your whole fleet, record your vehicle's, child and pets activity and present your report data to work as useful knowledge management data. Global Positioning System (GPS) is a worldwide radio-navigation system formed from the constellation of 24 satellites and their ground stations.

  • Key Facts about GPS. Before, the Global Positioning System is largely funded and managed by the U.S Department of Defense (DOD). The system was originally intended for the operation of U. S. military. But today, there are also several civil users of GPS over the whole world.

GoFindMe Features

  • The local users are permitted to use the Standard Positioning Service without any kind of charge or limitations. This could be the reason why a lot of people around the world prefer to use this technology. Go Find me gives information and locate your child. Every parent can now be complacent in any situation their child and pets has.

2. Radacat

It is a radio communication device that partners with your smartphone over Bluetooth. Radacat enables you to apply offline GPS, send text and voice messages, real-time situations to other Radacat users when cellular service is unavailable. The radio transmission field depends on the environment. In an open-air setting, the range can be required to be up to 6km.

Radacat Features:

  1. Radacat has a  self Generated Mesh Network. This only talks that a user of this radacat technology can support you to create or build your own network. Another is that this can help you to extend the range by turning into the relay mode in the system.

  2. Real-time Location. One of the most advantageous things about this radacat is that every user is able to share their own location instantly. This helps every child to protect and be secured whenever they can’t describe the place and can’t figure out. This can be done by attaching it to the child or just carrying it by your pets to their necklace.

  3. Text, Video, and Location. It has the design of a dual-radio design that anyone especially your child and your pets can be automatically detected by using this device. This serves as the one who will know the environment and the system of this device will be the one who will suggest various ways in order to reach your recipients. This can be done by either receiving a text, voice or location. To unlock this device you just need to shake it to open.

  4. Off-Line Maps. Team messengers C1 can give free use and you can download the best level or the high=definition off-line maps so that you can use it in those off-grid areas. This one considered as the one features who really protect your child and pets as well.

  5. Outdoor Unit. This C1 Team Messenger is intended to be water-resistant and also weather-proof. This kind of technology deserves great rating as it offers these things and it really matters. This can bear the temperature between 20 degrees to 60-degree Celsius.

3. GoTenna

Devices are intended to allow off-grid connectivity as well as increase traditional communications networks. Matched with phones or combined into any device or machine, goTenna mesh networking changes everything in the world around us into programmable mobile support.

The main goal of this technology is to fill the breaks in centralized information put lives and livelihoods at danger. In a reality that must soon fight with hundreds of billions of related things, there can be no last-mile. goTenna is promoting a universal path to connectivity by making the world’s most creative and scalable mobile web networks.

Features of GoTenna

  1. It is Low Cost, some of the tracking devices to every child and pet is very expensive. Thus, this GoTenna tracking device is cheaper than other brands the reason why a lot of people prefer to buy this device. This device is lightweight and inexpensive as well.

  2. Low Power, it has experienced transmissions increase device battery life for continuing mobility.

  3. Long range. It has a novel-zero-control-pocket routing scales network this is to secure and protect the system of the device.

  4. Easy To Use. This device can be Matched smartphone apps give familiar interfaces and computing capability. This gives people the freedom in locating their child and pets as they can easily use it without any hassle.


People have their own freedom in choosing what they like to use in tracking their child and pets. It is very important to have this kind of device to protect and aware of where they can be and ensure their protection with the help of technology. We highly recommend GoFindMe as an upcoming beast in this space which is suitable and affordable GPS tracker.

GoFindMe Feature
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