The Latest Video Editing Trends to Watch

Updated on: March 2, 2021

Videos are always more efficient in grabbing the attention of the audience compared to a piece of written text. Today, when people are increasingly using social media platforms for staying connected and knowing about different products and services of various brands, reaching them has become easier with the use of videos.

There are tools like InVideo, which makes the process of creating videos much easier. It lets you create impactful videos through the use of various customizable templates, that make the audience take the action that you want. Such content plays a major role in helping your brand stand out in the cut-throat competition. Let us see some of the latest video editing trends that you need to watch out for to enhance the level of your video content.

Video editing trends in 2021:

Here are some of the important video editing trends in 2021, which every marketer needs to be aware of:

  1. Mobile video editing:

There are numerous apps available on the mobile platform, which helps in editing the videos after production. It is a huge advantage when there is a budget constraint for projects. Some of such apps are described below:

  • iMovie:

This app is equipped with technologies for the enhancement of the movies. It lets you create movies on mobile, and then watch them on iTheatre. These movies can be stored in your gallery on the iPhone, iPad, or iPad Pro.

  • Quik:

This mobile app lets you create amazing videos for marketing in various sectors or simply for your YouTube channel by putting together pictures and videos in a few steps. Quik's GoPro brand lets you add soundtracks and customize your videos.

  • InShot

People using iOS devices can add music, video effects, and feature sophisticated tools for creating superior quality videos using this app.

1. Live streaming and live video editing

Live streaming is a new trend that is becoming quite popular. Instead of uploading pre-recorded videos for the audience, marketers live stream videos as it lets them make adjustments in the content depending on the taste and preference of the audience.

Live video editing implies editing the live videos and airing them in real-time. This doesn't sound simple and is often used by film crews having a higher budget. They feature different cameras at varying angles that capture the footage and send it through a vision mixing device. But what if you are an independent filmmaker or you have a smaller budget? Here comes the role of various reliable video editing platforms such as Grabyo that lets the users capture as well as edit videos on their mobile devices. Likewise, there are numerous online tools that make live video editing simple. Panopto is one such software that can be used for editing videos with simply some clicks for broadcasting it live to your audience. 

2. Animation

Sometimes video content can also be dull and boring. To make it interesting enough to let people remain glued to it till the end, you need to add some animation or graphics that make it visually appealing. This is because humans are inherently attracted to pretty images or animations as they appear lively and keep them focused on the content. There are various online video editors available that can be chosen based on your taste and style.

3. Give your real audience to people and real-life stories

While making videos, it is important to add something related to real-life scenarios to win the trust of your audience. Such as when a video is about some product or service, add video testimonials of your existing happy customers so that potential customers will feel encouraged to opt for the brand/ service. Make use of the video editors that come packaged with all the features to ensure that you edit a video like a pro.

4. Making the video content more searchable

This is possible by adding relevant links in your video content where it will be published. Some tools like Panopto come with an amazing Smart search video search engine, that is used for making a video more searchable. This feature assists in captioning all the uttered words or phrases that help in making the video more easily discoverable during a search. There is a provision of editing the captions in case of any error. Such tools allow embedding quizzes, surveys, web pages, polls, and YouTube videos. Thus you can use your creativity to compile the best and interesting video content for your audience.

5. Transitions

The video editing software tools are equipped with amazing effects packages. In certain cases, you need to purchase them from other sources like Shuttershock and use them after importing them to your preferred editor. Novice users can also easily use the transitions by going through the tutorials that make it quite easy for them to clearly understand this.

Final words:

When there is a rapid rise in the essence of video content in the market today, everyone tries to make it like a pro. Even though it needs a lot of practice and experience to do this, the process has been simplified through the introduction of easy-to-use video editing tools. These let even the beginners create and edit the videos perfectly, with the least efforts, to suit the needs of their audience. So you do not have to fear anymore of being an amateur in this field. With such tools, it becomes easy for firms to attract customers and thrive in a competitive market.

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