Using Skype As An Efficient Conference Calling Software

Updated on: May 18, 2013

Skype is a wonderful program for making conference calls. The easy to use interface is great for new users, and is quickly and easily learned. All tools and options are neatly organized in the toolbar, so you can find everything you need within a few easy clicks. Conference calling is the perfect alternative for physical meetings and conferences, as it offers convenience in the form of an online presence; rather than physical. Using Skype will help you to save money, yet still offer a wonderful conference call experience. Many people are familiar with Skype, as it offers an array of services. They offer instant messaging, conference calling, video calls, VoIP services, international calling, SMS, and many more services.

Skype Video Conferencing

Skype Video Conferencing

How To Access Skype For Conference Calls
With Skype, you must have internet access. Skype also only allows conference calls of up to 25 people, meaning the host of the conference call can invite up to 24 participants for the conference. As with any other application that processes your voice, you will need a microphone so that the program can detect you. You will also need speakers or headphones to receive incoming audio. You must download Skype from the official Skype website, and ensure that it is working properly. Once it is running, you must log in with the username and password that you signed up with. When you log in, check to see if all of your conference call participants are on your contact list. If not, you must add each participant so that they can join the conference call. Go to the top of the Skype application window, browse the menu, and click on the “Tools” option. You can then select “Create A Conference Call”.

Make video conferencing  in Skype

Make video conferencing in Skype

Once you do this, you will be prompted with a menu. It will allow you to add your contacts to the call, all at once. You will then need to manage the call, and ensure that all participants are joined at all times. Different participants could get dropped during the call, so it is crucial to monitor the members.



Making Video Calls With Skype
Just like audio calls on Skype, video calls are also free to make and receive. Video conference calling is a little different, as it includes video. You must ensure that you have a high speed connection for optimal video quality. You will also need a video recorder, such as a webcam. You will start Skype as you normally would, and begin a call or conversation. You will then see an option to make a Video Call. When you select this, a screen will appear as the call “rings” to the recipient. Once they accept the incoming video call, they will be able to see you as you can them. Skype video calling is a wonderful free alternative to pricier video conferencing softwares, and you will probably enjoy the easy to use interface. Skype has become overwhelmingly popular in recent years, so your contacts may already have an active Skype account.
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