How to use Augmented Reality in the Biology Classroom  

Updated on: December 23, 2020

Augmented Reality is changing the phase of education. In contrast to virtual reality which builds a computer generated environment and the real world, augmented reality is much closer to the real world. It engages learners in a new and interactive way. In recent times, the development of augmented reality is driven by cell phones and video games.

By incorporating augmented reality into lectures, instructors will be able to capture the undivided attention of the entire class. For instance, an instructor in biology classroom can integrate argument to his lectures. Suppose he is tutoring on Human Brain then he can incorporate Augment into his lessons to show 3D models of human brain and how it works.

AR in education

Through various Augment app, students will be able to access various models on their own. It is of great use in Biology tutorials as students can gain the better understanding of the topics that they are studying by viewing augmented models. If students are studying on Plant Cell, they would get a clear cut idea of structure, photosynthesis, and various other functions when they study by viewing augmented models rather than just theory. It will have a great impact on their study and stays in their mind for a longer period of time.

Another great advantage with argument learning is that they are portable and less expensive. Physical models, prototypes are all highly expensive. Further, these learning materials may get misplaced and may lose their purpose. With the argument, students do not have to invest in any learning materials. They can just access models at any time from any device.

Now, students can explore more augmented reality opportunities through printing augmented reality worksheets. It provides students with a chance to engage with augmented reality at home. This can make homework more engaging for students.

Born in the digital era, students are always excited to explore new ideas. Incorporating augmented reality into education will enable students to discover unknown passions and inspire their future ventures.

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AR in education
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